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A dazzling smile

The food and drink you consume can leave behind traces of colouring on your teeth’s enamel surfaces. As time goes on, these traces can slowly build up into unsightly stains. This is particularly true if your tooth-cleaning habits are less than ideal. For adults in Burnham, teeth whitening will solve this cosmetic problem in a straightforward procedure. It can take just a few weeks for The Dental Surgery Burnham to give you a bright smile you’ll be proud to show off to others.

Patient-friendly procedure

Your journey towards teeth whitening in Burnham will begin with a conversation. At our practice, the friendly dental team will assess the condition of your teeth and talk to you about your oral hygiene history. The range of shades that discolouration brings can often be surprising as well as worrying. Whatever colour your teeth have turned, there’s usually something we can do to make them look better.

If it’s clear that our whitening system is appropriate for your needs, we’ll take some detailed images of your mouth. The dental laboratory will use these images to create a comfortable tray for you to wear over your teeth at home. A special gel inside the tray will gradually whiten your teeth over the duration of the treatment. It tastes minty, and will leave your mouth feeling fresh as well as looking bright. You’ll return to the practice at the end of the treatment, to have everything checked. We’ll finish the procedure with a comprehensive professional clean.

While it might take a few weeks to complete your teeth whitening in Burnham, its powerful effects will last for much longer. If signs of discolouration start to appear in the following years, you can return to us for a top-up procedure.

Noticeable benefits

A satisfying dental brightness will significantly enhance the appeal of your smile. You could feel more at ease if you have a job that brings you face to face with the public. If you feel the need to keep your teeth hidden because of their colour, teeth whitening in Burnham can bring a major positive change to your overall social behaviour.

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