Teeth Whitening

Tooth discolouration is common to individuals who have poor dental hygiene. Apart from improper dental care, tooth discolouration may also be a result of food staining, fluoride exposure, dental trauma, antibiotics and aging. No matter what the reason is, it is a dental problem that needs immediate treatment.

When brushing and flossing cannot remedy tooth discolouration, professional cleaning has to take place. Other than having a beautiful, healthy smile, white teeth also boost the confidence and prevent many dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum diseases.

Achieve Sparkling White Teeth from The Dental Surgery Burnham

The Dental Surgery Burnham offers teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire. We provide teeth whitening treatments that patients can trust and enjoy. For more than thirty-nine years, our practice has been providing quality dental care, which has earned us a good name in the industry.

We know that teeth whitening may take time, which is why we evaluate many whitening products to ensure the best results for our patients. Our practice follows the Enlighten System, a professional tooth-whitening procedure that guarantees a B1 shade after treatment.

How the Enlighten System Works

The Enlighten System entails collaboration between our dentist and patients. Here is how the procedure works.

  • The patient will undergo an initial consultation that will assess the condition of his or her discoloured teeth.

  • After assessment, the patient will apply a whitening gel for two weeks.

  • The patient comes back to our practice for a comprehensive cleaning and a forty-minute application of a concentrated gel.

Our teeth whitening procedure can last for six months, depending on the lifestyle and eating habits of the patient. The original stained colour, however, is unlikely to return.

Achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile with our teeth whitening services in Buckinghamshire. For more details, contact us today.