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You deserve a brighter whiter smile

If your confidence has ever been dented because of the way your teeth look, teeth whitening at The Dental Surgery Burnham could be the perfect treatment for you.

As we become older our teeth naturally start to change colour. This can be worsened by lifestyle factors, such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking.Teeth whitening in Burnham can be used to tackle certain stains left by foods or drinks or discolouration caused by smoking. As your natural gleam is restored, your confidence will return, so you can smile brightly again.

Enlighten teeth whitening

We use the Enlighten teeth whitening system, which is the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a ‘Shade B1? – the whitest shade on our dentists’ shade guide. This applies to every single one of our patients’, regardless of your age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

Brighten with Enlighten

With Enlighten teeth whitening in Burnham, no dietary changes are required. This makes it very convenient for our patients, as you can continue to eat and drink as normal during your treatment.

The Enlighten system will whiten your teeth without discomfort. It also has very fast results. In just 2 to 4 weeks from the start of your treatment, you will be enjoying your new brighter, whiter smile.

At our practice, we also supply all our patients with an anti-sensitivity serum, to reduce teeth sensitivity during your treatment.

The Enlighten system uses tailor made whitening trays so that optimum results can be achieved for each patient. We understand that your smile is as unique as you, so it makes sense that your whitening treatment should be customised to your set of soon-to-be pearly whites.

How long will it last?

Teeth whitening is a temporary fix. However you can prolong its effects by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle: cut back on smoking, reduce your intake of foods and drinks that strongly stain, and keep up with good daily dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

Get in touch

You can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening from just £500. Give us a call today to arrange your first appointment for teeth whitening in Burnham.

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