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The Dental Surgery Burnham offers teeth whitening in Burnham and the local area. But why should you go to a dentist for something as apparently simple as teeth whitening. You may have even been offered a course of teeth whitening in Burnham by your local hairstylist or beauty salon. Did you know that them even giving you advice on the subject is against the law?

After all, whitening involves putting chemicals in your mouth that will bleach your teeth white, so getting advice from someone who is legally qualified to work on your teeth and your mouth in general is much safer.

There are DIY teeth whitening kits out there, but there are also instructions on DIY boiler repair on the internet. Teeth whitening without good advice can lead to over bleaching, uneven colouring and many more problems. And who will help you fix those problems? Your dentist. So, talk to us first, it may save you a lot of time and money.

What we can do for you

We can’t fix your boiler, but we can offer advice on whitening, and a course of treatment when it comes to making your smile dazzle again.

We will give you an initial consultation to assess the requirements of your treatment. Then you will be given a whitening gel to apply at home for two weeks. When you return to the practice we will give you a comprehensive cleaning and a concentrated gel application for 40 minutes.

The result is a brilliant smile that will last for up to six months, depending upon your food choices and oral hygiene regiment. The original stains will, potentially, be eliminated forever.

The power to smile

As soon as you smile or talk you know that people can see your teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile it will shake your confidence and lower your self-esteem. With just two weeks of treatment you can reverse that trend remarkably and be ready to smile again.

Our experience

Our practice has been helping people with their dental care for over 39 years, we are proud of the treatments and procedures we supply to Burnham. Teeth whitening is something that we are pleased to offer to our patients to improve the smiles that have been fading.

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