I want a straighter smile

Crooked teeth and a bad bite are something anybody would dislike to have to endure for the rest of their lives. Crooked, wonky or protruding teeth can end up causing cracked teeth, gum disease, tooth decay and even bone loss. Other associated complications include headaches and severe jaw pain. They also greatly affect your levels of self-esteem and confidence.

Modern dental technology has offered new solutions to correct these problems in adult patients to improve their smiles. The most common choice for our patients at The Dental Surgery Burnham is to have clear braces. The initial step is to book for an appointment with one of our dentists, who will study your case and recommend the best braces in Burnham for you.

Braces in FarnhamWhat are the benefits of clear braces?

The major benefit of clear braces in Burnham is that they easily fit into your lifestyle. They are almost invisible, comfortable and adjust well to your teeth structure for maximum efficiency. Many of our patients who have used clear braces in Burnham have expressed their great satisfaction when people are surprised to find out that they are even wearing braces!

Invisalign clear braces

We are happy to offer our patients Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign you won’t feel embarrassed every time you open your mouth to speak. These are near invisible, removeable clear aligners. A series of them is used over the course of your treatment.

They are made of clear plastic that saves the wearer the distress of other conventional metal braces, which can exert extreme pressure on the teeth. The edges of your Invisalign braces are also not rough, so they will not make the mouth sore with painful blisters.

Our patients must wear each provided aligner for around 2 weeks, then another aligner can be used to continue your treatment. This method is repeated until your teeth are fully aligned.

Invisalign advantages

Invisalign braces in Burnham are also considerably quicker when compared to conventional methods of teeth straightening. For simple cases, you can complete your treatment in just 4 to 6 months.

You can also eat the food you want. Before drinking or eating, all you need to do is whip out your Invisalign aligners and you are good to go.

From silver to white fillings in Burnham

Recently, there’s been enough talk about whether it’s necessary to replace silver amalgam fillings with white composite ones. Although there is no definitive answer, as a rule, if your metal fillings are defective, have become loose or show a cavity, it is really important to replace them. Untreated cavities and holes in your fillings may eventually lead serious tooth infection, therefore, occasionally, replacing metal fillings may benefit the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

At Dental Surgery Burnham, we believe prevention is always better than cure and we will help you take good care of your teeth in order not to develop tooth decay in the first place. If you do need a filling, then we recommend white fillings.

White Fillings in BurnhamAlthough amalgam fillings have been exonerated by the American Dental Association as being perfectly safe and reliable, you can now replace your metal fillings safely and effectively at our practice. Amalgam replacement is a safe and controlled procedure, where your dentist will remove the metal filling, remove any decay from your tooth and replace it with a tooth coloured filling.

Research has shown that silver fillings do not support teeth properly. Essentially amalgam fillings act like wedges, and when you bite down on the filling the forces are transmitted to the remaining tooth structure. If the filling is more than about a half of the width of the tooth, it is likely that it will eventually crack, break or chip.

White, composite fillings, on the other hand, are made from very hard materials and are able to endure all kinds of forces in your mouth when you bite and chew over a long period of time. Furthermore, composite fillings have obvious cosmetic benefits, as they provide your teeth with a more natural appearance.

More importantly, composite fillings allow early detection of problems because of the staining around the edges of the sealing. If you see stains around the sealing, it means that the seal between the tooth and the filling is breaking down and this requires urgent dental care. Silver fillings, on the other hand, taint and corrode much easier than composite fillings, making it much more difficult to identify any potential problems.

Teeth whitening in Burnham, where to go for a whiter smile

Do you spend a lot of time shopping for stylish clothes, having your hair cut regularly and generally taking care of your appearance? If you do, are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Are they as straight and white as you’d like them to be? Here at The Dental Surgery in Burnham, teeth whitening is just one of the ways we can help you achieve a dazzling smile. We have a range of treatments such as Six Months Smiles and clear braces that can be combined with teeth whitening to give you a mini smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening in BurnhamEven if you take good care of your teeth and regularly brush, floss and use mouthwash, you may still find that your teeth do not look as good you would like them to. Teeth naturally become discoloured over time. This is partly caused by the enamel becoming thinner as you get older. However most tooth discolouration is caused by the food you eat and what you drink. Tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and cola drinks are some of the most common causes of tooth discolouration. Avoiding them as much as possible can help keep your teeth whiter.

A mini smile makeover sounds great, where do I start?

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, teeth whitening is often used as the finishing touch after you have had your teeth straightened. The whole purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, so just having your teeth straightened might not give you the wow-factor that you had been hoping for.  In this case teeth whitening is the ideal way to complete our work.

We use the Enlighten tooth whitening system, which works in stages. On your first visit impressions of your teeth are taken and personalised whitening trays will be made. You will then be given a whitening gel, which you will use every day for 2 weeks. At the end of this time you will come back to have your 40 minute comprehensive cleaning and whitening treatment using a concentrated whitening gel. The end result will be a brighter, whiter smile that looks natural and complements your appearance.

Your guide to getting braces in Burnham

If your teeth are too close together, too far apart, or if you have an underbite or an over bite, you might benefit from braces in Burnham. An overbite is when the top row of teeth stick out in front of the lower teeth when you bite down. An underbite is when your lower row of teeth stick out too far in front of the top teeth when you bite down. These conditions are not good for your jaw or your bite. If you have a bite that isn’t right, you could experience jaw pain and headaches. You can correct these and other alignment and spacing problems with braces.

Braces in BurnhamMany people think braces are only for teenagers, but this isn’t the case anymore. There are many adults who find that they need braces. It could be that you did not receive teeth straightening treatment as a child, or maybe you had braces but your teeth shifted back after treatment. Whatever the reason, you might be questioning whether your smile could benefit from braces in Burnham. If so, the Burnham Dental Surgery is here to help you with modern, discreet braces for adults.

Six Month Smiles

This fixed braces system uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires. It focuses on straightening only the front teeth, known as the ‘social 6’.

This means the treatment is much faster than conventional fixed metal braces. As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles is a quick procedure, with most results achieved in just 6 to 9 months.


Invisalign is another option for our patients to consider. It uses clear plastic aligners to treat crooked, crowded and gappy teeth. The biggest benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are made from clear plastic, so hardly anyone will even notice you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment. What’s more, they are removable, so you can take them off at mealtimes and when you brush and floss. All in all, this means minimal impact on your lifestyle.

With a free consultation with one of our experienced team, you can discuss your options for braces in Burnham. With our help we’ll make sure you get the right fit for your dental health and lifestyle.

You deserve a brighter whiter smile

If your confidence has ever been dented because of the way your teeth look, teeth whitening at The Dental Surgery Burnham could be the perfect treatment for you.

teeth-whitening-burnhamAs we become older our teeth naturally start to change colour. This can be worsened by lifestyle factors, such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking.Teeth whitening in Burnham can be used to tackle certain stains left by foods or drinks or discolouration caused by smoking. As your natural gleam is restored, your confidence will return, so  you can smile brightly again.

Enlighten teeth whitening

We use the Enlighten teeth whitening system, which is the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a ‘Shade B1? – the whitest shade on our dentists’ shade guide. This applies to every single one of our patients’, regardless of your age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

Brighten with Enlighten

With Enlighten teeth whitening in Burnham, no dietary changes are required. This makes it very convenient for our patients, as you can continue to eat and drink as normal during your treatment.

The Enlighten system will whiten your teeth without discomfort. It also has very fast results. In just 2 to 4 weeks from the start of your treatment, you will be enjoying your new brighter, whiter smile.

At our practice, we also supply all our patients with an anti-sensitivity serum, to reduce teeth sensitivity during your treatment.

The Enlighten system uses tailor made whitening trays so that optimum results can be achieved for each patient. We understand that your smile is as unique as you, so it makes sense that your whitening treatment should be customised to your set of soon-to-be pearly whites.

How long will it last?

Teeth whitening is a temporary fix. However you can prolong its effects by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle: cut back on smoking, reduce your intake of foods and drinks that strongly stain, and keep up with good daily dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

Get in touch

You can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening from just £500. Give us a call today to arrange your first appointment for teeth whitening in Burnham.

Do I need tooth whitening?

Many people have discoloured and stained teeth. Too much coffee, red wine or smoking is a significant factor in staining our teeth. A lack of knowledge about oral hygiene can also be an influential factor, as can disease and certain medicines.

teeth-whitening-in-burnhamIf you want to keep your teeth looking as white as possible, it is very important that you follow your dentist’s advice on how to clean your teeth and look after your gums. The experienced dentists and hygienists at Dental Surgery Burnham are here to help you.

Tooth whitening treatments are becoming increasingly popular among adults. We all want to look our best and feel confident in our smile. Knowing that you can smile, talk and eat without people focusing on your teeth can make a huge difference to your self-confidence in social situations.

What do you offer?

At Dental Surgery Burnham, we are proud to offer Enlighten tooth whitening for our patients. Enlighten bleaching works by increasing the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen, which breaks down stain molecules. It is a combination treatment meaning that there is a two week home treatment followed by a 40 minute visit to the dentist.

Enlighten’s professional tooth whitening treatment is the only system in the world that will whiten up to 16 shades easily and safely and will give a dramatic difference to the whiteness of your smile.

How does it work?

Your dentist at Dental Surgery Burnham will take impressions of your teeth, which will be sent to the Enlighten laboratory. They will then make high quality sealed bleaching trays,custom-made for you.

This usually takes around two weeks. During this time, you will need to use the whitening toothpaste called Tooth Serum twice a day instead of your regular toothpaste. It will not only improve the whitening effect but it will also protect your teeth and reduce and sensitivity.

After this two week home treatment, you will return once more to us for a 40 minute treatment in the surgery. This final treatment will not only boost the colour, but will ensure the whitening is even and natural looking.

Finish off your teeth straightening treatment with a whiter smile

More and more people are coming to us at The Dental Surgery in Burnham to have their teeth straightened with braces systems such as Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

teeth-whitening-in-burnhamThey go through the process and are very pleased with the beautifully straight teeth that they have at the end of it. However, now that the teeth are straightened, other imperfections, such as tooth discolouration become more obvious.In Burnham, tooth whitening is proving to be a very good finishing-off procedure, so that you can show off your new straighter teeth.

What to expect from your tooth whitening treatment

Here at The Dental Surgery, we use the Enlighten system for tooth whitening in Burnham. Here’s how it works:

Once you have had an initial consultation to assess the condition of your teeth, we take impressions of your teeth in their new straight positions. This is used to make bespoke whitening trays that will snugly fit your teeth.

You take home your trays, along with a two-week supply of Enlighten whitening gel. You fill the trays with the gel and wear them overnight for the next two weeks. While you are asleep, the active ingredient in the gel breaks down the stains on your teeth. This process can take some time so it is important to finish the treatment as directed by your dentist. You can also use Enlighten’s Tooth Serum to help reduce temporary sensitivity in your teeth.

You can then come back to The Dental Surgery for a comprehensive cleaning and application of a concentrated version of the teeth whitening gel. This stays on your teeth for 40 minutes and completes your treatment.

Maintaining your new look

You can maintain the whiteness of your smile by using Enlighten’s Evo-white toothpaste, and by avoiding dark-coloured drinks, such as tea, coffee and red wine. Cutting back on smoking will also help keep further discolouration at bay. Our tooth whitening procedure can produce results that last for 6 months, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits.

If you would like to find out more about tooth whitening in Burnham, you can call us on 01628 664614.

A brighter smile to boost your confidence

Having a great-looking, healthy smile is a real confidence booster for many of our patients at The Dental Surgery Burnham. Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments, as it is throughout the world. Teeth whitening is an easy and effective way to enhance your smile without having to undergo treatment that will alter your teeth forever.

teeth-whitening-in-burnhamHow do teeth get discoloured?

Tooth discolouration can be caused by many different things. If you have not looked after your teeth they can become stained or brown. Also, if you drink a lot of tea, coffee or other dark drinks, or if you are a smoker. Teeth can also be affected by exposure to fluoride and antibiotics, and, sadly, as we age, they also lose their brightness.

Whatever the reason, if your teeth are badly discoloured, you may well find that you have become self-conscious about them and perhaps lost confidence. Maybe you hold a hand over your mouth when you smile, or you supress your smile.

How we do teeth whitening in Burnham

Here, at The Dental Surgery Burnham, teeth whitening is carried out using the Enlighten system. This system is the only one that guarantees a final B1 shade of white. This is the brightest, whitest shade teeth whitening can achieve.

This system is a collaboration between us and you. Here’s how it works:

Firstly you come to us for an initial consultation, during which we assess the condition of your teeth. Then, we take impressions of your teeth to make whitening gel trays that fit perfectly over your teeth, thus avoiding the whitening gel spilling out when you wear them.

You take the trays and your whitening gel home, and over the next two weeks, wear the gel-filled trays in bed at night, or for a few hours during the day.

Then you come back to us for a 40-minute power whitening session, using a more concentrated teeth whitening gel.

After that, you are good to go. Your new teeth will stay white for up to six months, providing you take care of them and avoid those lifestyle habits that cause discolouration. Even so, it is unlikely that the original staining will return, and, if you hang on to your custom-made trays, you can top up your whitening when needed.

The new generation of braces

Dentistry is a fast-moving profession, with constant advances in treatments, techniques and equipment. And this is no truer than in the area of orthodontics, which focusses on realigning the teeth and bite so that they function at an optimal level.

braces-in-burnhamGenerally speaking, people still imagine braces as clunky steel devices that are glued to your teeth, obscuring your pearly-whites for years with brackets and wires that look like train tracks.

Truth is, if you do not require major corrections to your bite, then in Burnham, braces treatments are far more discreet, comfortable and shorter in duration than they were a few decades ago.

Six Month Smiles

Most patients only require minor realignments to crowded, gappy or crooked teeth, and often only for the front six teeth. For these we offer Six Month Smiles braces in Burnham. Six Month Smiles use clear brackets along with tooth-coloured wires to straighten your teeth using low levels of force. On average, you can achieve results in just six months with these fixed braces.


Even though Six Month Smiles are discreet, some people, especially adults,want braces in Burnham that cannot even be noticed by the casual observer, and they would rather they took a bit longer to straighten their teeth if they did not have to spend that time fielding personal questions about their orthodontic treatment.

One of the most discreet teeth straightening solutions is provided by Invisalign clear aligners. These are thin (0.3mm) transparent, rigid, thermoplastic resin moulds that are custom-made for your teeth from impressions taken by us here at The Dental Surgery Burnham, along with detailed measurements of your mouth. Depending on your individual case, you will have to wear a series of between 12 and 48 aligners, each of which will move your teeth another tiny step along the route your teeth need to travel to a beautiful, straight smile. This will take about two weeks for each aligner.

If you would like to find out more about braces in Burnham, and which system would best suit your time-frame, pocket and lifestyle, why not come in for a free consultation for either system?

Yes, you can get straighter teeth in six months in Burnham

Welcome to 2017! Here we are in January, and although it’s cold outside, perhaps you are already planning summer activities, bringing weddings and parties for you to attend.

six-month-smiles-in-burnhamImagine what social events you will attending in half a year. Perhaps you will be playing a key role at a wedding, maybe even your own. Will you be grinning your widest grin for the cameras, or will you spend the event with your hand hovering over your mouth, wishing you taken the time to get your wonky teeth fixed?

Well, don’t despair, because there is still time to get your ready for your summer social whirl. Here at The Dental Surgery Burnham, we offer a braces system that can give you straighter teeth in six months.

This is Six Month Smiles, which is deservedly one of the most popular braces systems in the world. It takes the best aspects of the traditional brackets and wire system and with new materials and variations in techniques, makes them more comfortable, more discreet and also able to give outstanding and predictable results, giving you straighter teeth in six months.

When you come to us for a free consultation, we will first of all check that your wonky smile can be straightened with this system. Six Month Smiles achieves its fast results by working on the front six teeth only. These are the teeth that are on display when we eat, talk and smile. If you need major orthodontic work, we can refer you to a specialist.

If you are suitable, we take impressions and photos of your teeth and get special tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and ceramic brackets made up, and calculate the angles these need to work at to move your teeth.

Six Month Smiles uses gentle forces to give you straighter teeth in six months as it is only working on the front six teeth, with you popping in to visit us every four to six weeks so that we can check progress and make adjustments where necessary.

Why not contact us today to find out if Six Month Smiles are the braces you need to brighten up your summer smile?