The Dental Surgery Burnham

The Dental Surgery Burnham
43-45 High Street, Burnham, Buckinghamshire SL1 7JD
01628 664614
Welcome to The Dental Surgery Burnham!

Braces in Buckinghamshire

The Dental Surgery Burnham is a trusted dental practice in Burnham Village, Buckinghamshire. We focus on general, preventative, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Since 1977, our practice has been delivering exceptional dental care to patients of all ages. As a result, The Dental Surgery Burnham has earned a good name when it comes to quality dental treatments.

Our Treatments and Services

The Dental Burnham Surgery offers a range of treatments and services, including teeth whitening, root canal therapy, dental hygiene, Braces in Buckinghamshire, dental implants, crowns, veneers and even wrinkle reduction in Burnham. Our practice puts effort in providing ideal solutions to complex dental cases and minor teeth corrections. We make sure that every treatment is safe and will benefit our patients.

Patients who visit The Dental Burnham Surgery can expect a modern-day practice and a memorable dental experience. We constantly update our tools and facilities for the satisfaction of our customers. Apart from this, we use the latest technologies and techniques such as Enlighten and Invisalign for teeth-whitening and orthodontic procedures.

However long our staff have been here, they all share a common belief: the patient comes first. It is not about us - it is about you:

  • We genuinely want to get to know you
  • When you talk, we listen - we want to hear what you want
  • No one likes pain - even us! We take every step to make your treatment comfortable and pain-free
  • You get your own written care plan - in words you can understand
  • We offer affordable payment plans that make our treatments accessible
  • We treat you with the most modern techniques and materials, as long as they are proven and trusted
  • Patients of all ages find The Dental Surgery Burnham homely and relaxing
  • The surgery is designed for disabled patients
  • We constantly refresh our technology and knowledge for your benefit
Why Choose Us?

The Dental Surgery Burnham believes that the relationship between the patient and dentist plays a huge role in achieving optimal dental care. Our commitment to our patients is serious, as we always make sure that they leave our practice feeling happy and content. For more than thirty-nine years, our Burnham dentists never fail to serve with a smile.

Whether you are in need of a check-up or a comprehensive dental treatment, do not hesitate to contact The Dental Surgery Burnham. We will be happy to answer your enquiries and provide a dental care like no other.