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What is tooth whitening in Burnham?

Tooth whitening Burnham could be argued as one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry available within the modern field of dental care. Tooth whitening Burnham may be the first treatment that springs to mind when a patient hears the words ‘cosmetic dental care’, due to ever increasing popularity within the world of cosmetic dental procedures. Despite its undeniable popularity however, many patients may be unsure of exactly what to expect from the tooth whitening treatment process within the walls of our modern, friendly, and fully accommodating dental clinic.

So what should a patient expect from the treatment process at our clinic?

At our surgery situated within the heart of Burnham we not only choose to embrace the latest advancements within all fields of dental technology to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results for their smile, but we also boast a team of highly skilled dental healthcare professionals who all possess the same shared love for the dentistry they provide at our practice. In addition to our impressive treatments and specialist dental team, we also strive to ensure our patients are fully aware of what to expect from their treatment process within the walls of our practice.

Is tooth whitening right for you?

If you are an individual who is suffering from discolouration, pigmentation, or general staining of the surface of your teeth, then tooth whitening Burnham at our clinic may be the ideal solution for your smile. Tooth whitening at our surgery can not only make our patients feel fantastic, however the treatment is also proven to last for many months with the correct aftercare, which ensures both effective, and durable dental results. Within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry we understand that many of our patients may find the variety of treatment options difficult to navigate, which is why we strive to make the treatment process as simple as possible for our patients.

What are the benefits of the Enlighten tooth whitening treatment?

Many modern dental clinics are now choosing to offer their patients this particular brand of tooth whitening procedure, due to its problem-free nature, paired with its successful dental results. Initially, (much like any dental treatment at our clinic) every patient will experience an introductory dental appointment at our clinic, during this session the dental professional and the patient will discuss the expected treatment process, in addition to ensuring this option is best suited for their individual dental case. Regarding the benefits of this particular tooth whitening treatment, one example is the rapid treatment time.

How does Enlighten tooth whitening work to improve the appearance of your smile?

Enlighten tooth whitening is both rapid, and has proven effective in lightening the surface of a patient's teeth to ensure the best possible dental results are acquired. A whitening gel is initially spread across the surface of the teeth to ensure maximum coverage is achieved, this whitening gel is applied for a short two weeks, the next step is to visit our clinic to solidify the whitening results.

So what happens next?

After the patient has successfully applied the whitening gel for two weeks within the comfort of their own home, the next stage of the Enlighten whitening process can commence. Within the walls of our modern and friendly practice we will administer a second gel formula which lasts just forty minutes. After the thorough cleaning and intense gel application is completed, the patient can enjoy their new whiter smile.

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