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Straighter teeth in six months

Yes, that's not an exaggeration! We see the start of straighter teeth within a few weeks with our orthodontic treatments. When it comes to traditional metal braces, it is hard to appreciate the progress that is being made, as much of it is obstructed by the brace! That is where our Invisalign clear aligners make a difference, giving you straighter teeth in six months Burnham that you can take pride in.

Aesthetics during and after treatment

The majority of orthodontic work is to do with aesthetics, and with a classic brace system, you would tolerate the inconvenience of the brace to enjoy the aesthetic outcome when treatment was finished and the brace would 'come-off'.

This is not the case with clear aligners, as the name suggests they are transparent. This is a big advantage. Unless you point it out, most people will fail to notice you are wearing them at all and you can see the aligners at work, slowly coaxing your teeth into their new positions. If this goes well and you stick to the treatment plan you will have straighter teeth in six months Burnham.

Does treatment with Invisalign hurt?

Teeth may be malleable, but that does not mean they are not stubborn, so all orthodontic treatments have their discomforts. The use of clear aligners gently and precisely uses the minimum required amount of force to move teeth, with the plastic forms being much more forgiving than a metal brace. Our patients who have experienced both tell us the aligners are much more tolerable than braces, especially as a traditional brace is tightened, which will happen multiple times during the course of treatment.

Aligner hygiene

A big part of orthodontics is hygiene. To realign teeth, a device needs to be worn and that means having foreign objects in your mouth which need to be kept clean, or they could cause cavities and gum disease to occur. Anything like this would be a big setback and extend the treatment time, so the orthodontics would have to stop. The standard fixed brace requires care and thorough cleaning after each meal to avoid this.

Aligners have the advantage that you can take them out when eating, just be sure to brush before refitting them, as they block the natural flow of saliva in your mouth, so food trapped between your teeth will stay there.

Your commitment

Aligner treatment times are greatly affected by how often you use them. To achieve your goals as soon as possible, you have to wear your aligners day and night with only a few hours of non-use each day for eating. Gaps in use will increase treatment time and treatment may have to be re-started from square one.

Our service

We have had excellent results from both clear aligners and standard braces. If your misalignment is severe, a traditional brace may be the only effective option, but if there is the option to use Invisalign, it is more convenient, more comfortable and the more attractive of the two choices to get straighter teeth in six months Burnham.

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