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Invisalign creating Straighter Teeth in Six Months Burnham

When suffering from misaligned or overcrowded teeth the impact not only on your physical appearance but also on your overall self-esteem can be extremely detrimental. Whilst we all hope for the perfect set of teeth from start to end, many variables both natural and accidental can occur setting our smile off to a wonky start. Wearing face masks on a day to day basis may help you hide your smile away but in time it will be back on view and therefore instead of hiding it away, embrace the treatment possibilities and gain Straighter Teeth in Six Months Burnham.


A popular method of orthodontics within modern society is known as Invisalign. These transparent, removable retainers are barely noticeable to the naked eye unless up close but provide an excellent method of realigning the teeth. With the majority of the treatment carried out throughout your daily life, the need for endless uncomfortable fittings and tightening procedures are eliminated and your everyday life can continue whilst you undergo the discreet treatment.

Starting the process?

To begin with, as with any treatment or procedure, a consultation will take place to ensure that this particular treatment method is most suited to your individual needs. Rest assured that 99% of cases work well with Invisalign; it may just be that for the beginning part of the realignment another method is encouraged and then the treatment can be switched to Invisalign. This will be discussed by your dental team should it apply to your individual case.

During the consultation, a series of photographs, x-rays and physical examinations will take place along with a discussion on your concerns and overall aims. If the treatment is suitable and you wish to go ahead, a 3D digital plan will be shown to you helping you visualise and adjust the end goal. The digital scans are then sent off so as to create custom made retainers for your treatment. Within 1 to 2 weeks you will be back visiting the dental team to receive your retainer sets and be instructed on how to use them efficiently.

The treatment.

Whilst treatment at home may sound like a dream it is important to understand that in order to achieve Straighter Teeth in Six Months Burnham using Invisalign, you need to be dedicated to the treatment plan and follow it as instructed. In most cases, this means that the retainers are to be worn for 22 hours a day and are to be removed only when you eat, drink or clean your teeth. By following the plan as instructed the realignment process can keep on track and the end goal can be achieved in a minimal amount of time. After all, a straighter smile is the end game so why not achieve it in the least amount of time possible.

All treatments and procedures including the ones mentioned within this article can carry potential risks. It is therefore advised that further information and advice are sought from their local dental team before deciding to undergo one.

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