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How we use Invisalign to treat our patients

We have a long history, all the way back to 1977, of providing orthodontic treatments. Straightening teeth has always been part art, part science, with the mixing of aesthetic goals with the experience of clinical staff. Balancing the possible inconvenience of the treatment in the short-term with the long-term outcomes and getting the most from the tresatment. With our achieving of straighter teeth in six months Burnham, we're very proud of our clinic.

Our most popular orthodontic tools

Clear aligners have gradually started to replace metal braces. They have become one of the most popular orthodontic treatments in our clinic, both with adolescents and adults. Unlike a brace which is fitted for the length of the treatment, clear aligners are used in a set, with each one worn for approximately 2 weeks before moving on to the next in the set.

How do you get clear aligners?

The particulars of how a patient goes from diagnosis to treatment, to resolution is different for each person. But there are common trends in our clinic which are called treatment pathways and while we can't comment here on a specific case, we can discuss the average treatment pathway for straighter teeth in six months Burnham.

First, your teeth need to be checked with our dentist who can decide if orthodontic treatment is necessary and if aligners would help. Aligners are only effective on the front teeth and for less severe cases. If molars need to be realigned, then a metal brace may be the only option.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, fitting can start. Unlike fitting a brace this is more like the fitting you would receive from a tailor, with very detailed measurements being taken of your mouth. The best way to do this is with a 3D scan, but there are other options like taking a dental mould or using X-rays.

These measurements are used to design the aligners and with the help of a digital orthodontist, they are 3D printed by a technician. It will take about a month for them to arrive at our clinic where you can collect them and start treatment.

Using and getting the most from aligners

Aligners have a lot of advantages over braces but one of the drawbacks is you have to be committed to wearing them almost all the time. With the ability to take them in and out at will, there is a temptation to use them inconsistently. This can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the treatment and could result in having to restart the treatment using the first aligner.

You need to wear your aligners for most of the day and night, only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth; on average, 22 hours a day is recommended. Patients report that using them quickly becomes part of their everyday routine due to the minimalistic design and ease of use. Though the treatment will need regular check-ups to assess its progress and make adjustments as required, to gain your straighter teeth in six months Burnham.

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