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Comfortable, removable retainers helping you achieve Straighter Teeth in Six Months, Burnham

When looking for a treatment or procedure to straighten your wonky smile there are many aspects to consider. For some, the length of time the treatment may take to gain results can be the biggest aspect. For others, it is how comfortable or visible the equipment used will be. Luckily with modern advances within the dental world, the cosmetic, practicality and duration of the treatment have all been considered creating a treatment that encompasses them all. This is where Invisalign comes in.

What is it?

Invisalign are transparent, removable retainers that act as an alternative to the more traditional brace method. Whilst they work differently to braces by using pressure points to push the teeth into position as opposed to pulling the teeth into a new alignment, both methods continue to provide success within the orthodontic side of dentistry.

The possibilities.

When first discussing your tooth realignment process with your dental team, it is important to understand the potential outcomes, time frames and overall dedication needed to gain the desired outcome. This is why it is important a consultation first takes place before treatment begins. The consultation not only is used to ascertain whether or not the treatment is suitable to your individual needs, but also ensures that you fully understand the dedication required on a personal level to achieve Straighter Teeth in Six Months Burnham. This is of extreme importance as the majority of the realignment process is carried out at home and whilst checkups with your dental team are there to tweak and encourage your development, the consistency and dedication rely heavily upon you, the patient.

Are the results always achievable in six months?

It is important to understand that whilst a six-month time frame is often the aim, this is not always possible and is based solely on the individual case. For those suffering from severe tooth alignment problems, it may mean that a different, more extensive treatment is needed to begin the realignment but can then switch to the Invisalign method. This will therefore most likely take longer than six months. Or it may be that you are constantly removing the retainers at home which will hinder your treatment and set back the end goal. No matter what the variable is, rest assured that your dental team will always be working with you and aiming for Straighter Teeth In SIx Months, Burnham or the minimal treatment time, providing the end result is the desired result.

How are the retainers tightened?

Unlike braces, the retainers are custom made from digital dental scans of your own teeth. A series of retainers are then created with certain pressure points which will help push the teeth. Each set is based on the scans taken and once a certain point of the treatment has been gained, a new series of retainers will be created to continue guiding the teeth into the desired result. Having the retainers custom made ensures that they are a snug fit and therefore do not move around or rub the gums causing blisters or sores. Once the teeth are aligned into a specific location, your dental team will check the progress and then advise when to move on to the next set of retainers. This ensures that the treatment continues to develop and guide the teeth without the need for adjustments or tightening of screws.

All treatments and procedures mentioned within this article carry potential risks. It is therefore important to seek further information and advice from your local dental team.

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