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40 years of the veneers in Burnham and still going

Our dental surgery has been operating since 1997 and we were one of the first to begin offering veneering back in the 1980s; this has given us 40 years experience of providing dental crowns & veneers in Burnham, from the earliest acrylic forms, to pure porcelain, up to the modern polymer porcelain mixed veneers that we use in the clinic today.

Each veneer that has come through our clinic is a custom-made porcelain prosthetic that mimics the front facing part of a tooth. They are considered cosmetic, but this underplays the impact of veneers on many of our patients' lives, who find it truly transformative. They are often the optimum solution to severe intrinsic staining, most of which is caused by some form of metabolic or genetic disease like denta imperfecta. But, the most common and often noticeable form of intrinsic staining is dark brown, caused by fluoroidosis. This forms a deep staining that goes right the way through the tooth and is very stubborn to treat by any forms of whitening or bleaching, making veneers the only practical option.

Veneers also find themselves being used to correct minor orthodontic issues or the final stages of orthodontic treatment where most of the tooth misalignment has been corrected by a brace but the final few millimetres are stubbornly resistant to treatment.

Both crowns & veneers in Burnham have the advantage of being very rapid treatments apart from the delay required in order to fabricate them in the dental laboratory. The sudden improvement that is afforded both by crowns and veneers in Burnham can make a huge difference overnight.

This is what led to veneers becoming the standard if not infamous Hollywood treatment, instantly providing a sparkling white smile of perfectly aligned teeth and radically changing the patient's appearance. This is really how veneers are truly implemented as the goal of veneering in dental surgery is to provide a healthy yet realistic smile that comes across as natural beauty.

Alternatives to veneering and crowning

These are not suitable for all of our patients; it very much depends on the quality and quantity of the tooth in question. There are several alternatives for those for whom crowns & veneers in Burnham are inappropriate. In situ composite bonding are layers of light cured UV resin which are built up over a damaged tooth and then carved into a finished shape. They can be more suitable if a tooth is severely damaged and can be applied immediately.

There are a lot of factors involved in determining which treatments would be effective and appropriate for any particular patient and unfortunately we cannot go into all of them here. If you have further questions, please get in contact with our clinic and we would be happy to provide you with information far more relevant to your needs based on a brief description that you provide. Alternatively, we would be happy to see you in the clinic for a full check-up and a thorough discussion of your dental needs.

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