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Turning over a new leaf with a New Year smile

It’s amazing how much a great smile can do for your self-confidence. Having teeth that are well aligned, in good condition and a great colour not only takes away all that self-consciousness you’d got so used to living with, it allows you to be more spontaneous in your interactions with others and presents you in a warmer, friendlier light. You’d be amazed at what can happen once you have a fabulous smile. So why not make 2019 the year of the New Year smile and get yourself booked in with us at The Dental Surgery Burnham for some great treatments to transform the way you smile?

On our list of cosmetic dental treatments, we have ways to improve the colour of your teeth, the shape and structure of them, as well as ways to put them into their correct positions.


Veneers are one of our most versatile cosmetic dentistry treatments. They are little porcelain sheaths, a bit like false nails, that we fix onto the front of your teeth to cover over damage and imperfections. We use them to cover over cracks, chips and worn edges. We find they are great for making teeth appear larger to fill in any unsightly gaps. We also use veneers for patients who have tooth discolourations that cannot be removed with teeth whitening gel.

We take impressions of your teeth and match the colour of them and this goes off to a lab where the veneers are made. In the meantime, we also take a layer of enamel off your teeth so that when the veneers are fitted, there is a rough surface for the adhesive to bond to, and to make sure the veneers do not stand out from the rest of your teeth. If you take good care of them, your veneers can last for at least 10 years.

White fillings

Made of composite resin, white fillings can replace your amalgam fillings. White fillings are very durable and can be sculpted to give you back your chewing surfaces. With white fillings, no one need ever know you even have fillings.

To find out more about how to get a fabulous New Year smile, why not come in for a chat?

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