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Can you really get straighter teeth in six months in Burnham?

Developments in modern teeth straightening methods mean that there are plenty of opportunities for people to be surprised about what we can achieve at The Dental Surgery Burnham.

Depending on their circumstances and what they want from their treatment, many patients can get straighter teeth in six months with the kind of treatment that we offer. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment, so you need to have a consultation with a member of our team to check you are eligible.

How are teeth straightened?

Teeth straightening equipment works by applying gentle forces to the surfaces of the teeth. They push in a certain direction and, if the pressure is consistent, the teeth will begin to move that way. This is because the body is highly responsive and will adapt to circumstances like pressure by giving way. It also ensures that the teeth stay tightly within their sockets by building up material behind them as they move.

This effect does not differ from method to method so how is it that some treatments can achieve straighter teeth in six months while others can take a few years?

How does a six-month treatment work?

The difference between a six-month treatment and a longer one is usually the focus of treatment. When people are considering adult teeth straightening, their primary concern is usually the way that they look. The impression that you make with your smile is often centred around the front six teeth in the upper arch. By focusing on just these six, a realignment treatment can achieve the result of a better-looking smile in the required time frame.

Is the effect of a six-month treatment permanent?

Once your teeth are in their new positions, they will stay there as long as you follow the advice of your dentist at The Dental Surgery Burnham. Relapse is quite rare if you stick to the guidelines. This often involves wearing a retaining device for up to a year. You may only need to wear it for part of the day or at night, but it will help to remind your teeth to stay put. Once you have completed this stretch, your teeth will remain beautifully aligned without you having to do anything.

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