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Straighter, healthier teeth

For dental patients in Burnham, braces are a method of improving the way the teeth function, while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. When your teeth are straighter, they will be easier to keep clean, so it’ll be easier to maintain the good standard of oral hygiene that will prevent future problems such as tooth decay.

Discreet treatment

Modern realignment appliances can often be surprisingly discreet. Made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials, they can help you to achieve a great-looking smile without drawing too much attention to your mouth while treatment is in progress. At social events or business meetings in Burnham, braces can go unnoticed by all but the most attentive observers.

Reasons for choosing braces in Burnham

Some people have protruding front teeth that cause feelings of self-consciousness when they smile or laugh. For others, dental crowding makes their mouth feel awkward and difficult to keep clean. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, our friendly team has a range of experience with all sorts of realignment issues, and your treatment will be personalised to provide the results that suit you best.

Different options

Braces work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth, to move them into new positions. The time it takes to achieve a good result will vary, depending on the complexity of your situation, but once your teeth are in their correct places, you’ll enjoy the oral health benefits and aesthetic enhancements for many years to come.

There are several contemporary methods of tooth realignment. Your dental team will have detailed discussions with you about how you want your teeth to be repositioned, and offer the most appropriate treatment for your needs. This might be braces attached to the front of the teeth, like Six Month Smiles, which are made of low-visibility materials and worn for a relatively short amount of time. Or it could be an alignment system like Invisalign. In this treatment, a series of clear plastic aligners is produced according to your needs. You’ll wear one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. They can be removed during meal times and when you brush your teeth.

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