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Cosmetic and face consultations

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we know that feeling good about your appearance means more than just having a beautiful smile. That’s why, alongside our extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments designed to give your smile a boost, we also offer facial aesthetics consultations with our fully-qualified practitioners.

As we get older, unwanted lines and wrinkles are prone to appearing on our face, making us look much older than we feel. Once, plastic surgery was the only option to combat these premature signs of ageing, but these days things have changed. Facial aesthetics treatments use a range of non-surgical procedures to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin, making you look and feel up to ten years younger.

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, our facial aesthetics team offer treatment with botulinum type A toxin and with dermal filers. The benefit of having facial aesthetics treatments carried out by a dentist is that they have thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and structure, meaning they can deliver just the right amount of treatment in just the right location for a completely natural-looking result.

Botulinum type A toxin

Botulinum type A toxin is used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and smoker’s lines, among other areas. It is commonly used around the forehead and lips. Botulinum type A toxin is made into a purified gel which is injected into the tiny facial muscles in the required area, blocking nerve impulses and forcing those muscles to relax, smoothing out lines and wrinkles. This is a painless injection that only takes a few minutes, with results taking a few days to fully develop. Whilst this is not a permanent treatment, results can last from three to six months, depending on which area is treated, before a repeat treatment is required.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to replace the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin that is lost as we age. Fillers plump up the skin and lessen the appearance of folds, lines and wrinkles. They can also be used for lip enhancement procedures, and for shaping neck and hand contours.

Local anaesthetic is used so you will feel no discomfort, and the results will be visible immediately. Depending on which areas are treated, results last between six and 12 months before you need to come back for repeat treatment.

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