Dental Hygiene

Prevent decay – visit our hygienists

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and disease-free has real benefits for your overall wellbeing, so including a dental hygienist in your life is one of the smartest things you can do.

At The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham Village we are passionate about prevention, so our skilled hygienists and oral health educators, working under the direction of our dentists, provide a full range of hygiene services:

Scaling and polishing - this is our way of saying that our hygienists thoroughly clean the teeth, removing sticky plaque and hard calculus as well as removing surface stains, cleaning the gums and finishing with a polish. We all need a good clean, usually every six months, but some of us need to go even more often. Our hygienists can advise what is best for you.

Oral disease care and prevention - with good oral maintenance we can almost always slow down plaque build-up and prevent oral diseases like tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. If left untreated, these diseases can release nasty bacteria into the blood stream, but in just about all cases we can restore your oral health. By following our hygienists' advice you can be your own hygienist with great success. If you make seeing a hygienist a regular thing, they will be able to monitor the health of your mouth, keep it in a healthy condition and intervene at the earliest signs of trouble.

Children - our hygienists are masterful at putting children at ease. It is important that children visit the dentist from an early age. As well as cleaning children's teeth, our hygienists give advice on what is best for their oral health, from cleaning techniques to diet.

General oral health advice - good habits and diet are key to the prevention of and recovery from oral health problems. The Dental Surgery Burnham's friendly and highly qualified hygienists and oral health educators are always on hand to help patients with their ongoing needs. Some of the advisory work they do includes:

  • Which toothpaste? Plus tooth-brushing techniques and tips;

  • Which floss? Plus flossing and interdental brushing techniques and tips;

  • Types of dental hygiene products for implants, bridges, dentures, braces and other restorations;

  • Rinses and mouth-washing;

  • Advice on recovery from oral disease and surgery;

  • Which foods and drinks are good for your teeth, and which are bad;

  • The best tips for fresh breath.

Get in touch, get a clean, get practical advice

Do you live in the Burnham Village area or nearby Buckinghamshire, Maidenhead, Reading or Windsor? Do you need to see a hygienist or want to make an appointment with our oral health educators? Call in or phone us on 01628 664614, or book an appointment via this website.