Don’t grin and bear your wonky smile

In the 21st century, there really is no need to go through life with misalignment in your mouth that make you miserable. Wonky teeth can make people self-conscious and reluctant to smile. They are also harder to keep clean and can lead to all sorts of expensive treatments later in life as they succumb to decay or gum disease, caused by a build-up of plaque in hard to clean crevices. Losing your teeth means losing the ability to eat properly, more loss of self-confidence, and having to invest in dentures, fixed bridges or dental implants.

It is always better to hang on to your own teeth for as long as possible, which is why at the Dental Surgery Burnham, orthodontics is an important part of our work.

Orthodontics in BurnhamWhat is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the name for the branch of dentistry that deals with misaligned teeth and making sure the jaws bite together properly. Moving the jaws to align properly is best done before your child reaches their late teens, when the jawbone hardens. Before then it is still malleable and that is why you see so many young teenagers wearing braces.

Although jaws need to be treated early in life, this isn’t the case for misaligned teeth. Teeth can be moved within the jawbone no matter how old you are. It is never too late to get your teeth straightened. All it takes is sustained pressure on the tooth for about 72 hours and the jawbone responds by dissolving the bone in front of the direction of the pressure and building it up again behind it.

Traditionally this is done by pulling the teeth with wires strung between angled brackets fixed to the teeth. However, since the advent of 3D printing, it can now also been done by pushing the teeth using slightly mis-fitting rigid plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. When the pressure wears off with traditional braces, the dentist tightens the wires. With aligners, a new one is used. So patients get a series of aligners and wear each one for about 2 weeks. The aligners are very thin, about 0.3 millimetres, and almost disappear once they are snapped on over the teeth. They are also removable for eating and cleaning.

A skill we all need to have

The person most responsible for keeping your teeth and mouth in a healthy condition is you. At the Dental Surgery Burnham, we know that we cannot control what you do in that 6 months between check-ups. We want you to hang to your natural teeth for as long as possible. But you can only do so if you know the best way to look after your teeth and mouth.

We appreciate that advice changes as more research is done, and that what we were taught, or not, by our parents may not match today’s best research-based advice.

Oral Health Education in BurnhamThat’s why we offer oral health education in Burnham. Our oral health educators will teach you how to have the best possible dental care routine at home. They offer bespoke care and advice for yourself, for your children, and perhaps even for your parents.

Our educators have been trained to teach, so you can rest assured that your oral health education will be fun and informative, as well as easy to understand and age appropriate. We won’t talk to you like a 5-year-old if you’re 45. And we love questions, so please ask us anything you want and ask again if you are still not clear. The topics our educators cover include:

Tooth brushing

How to know which is the best type of brush for your teeth. How many minutes should you brush your teeth for? How can you make tooth brushing more fun for kids so that they want to do it rather than having to be nagged into it? We can also help you find the best type of toothpaste to suit your personal needs.

Flossing, interdental brushes and mouthwashes

What is the best way to floss? Should you use floss, tape or interdental brushes? Which interdental brushes are right for which part of your mouth? These and questions about mouthwashes can all be answered. We can take into account any special post-operative self-care that may be required.

Looking after mouth appliances and prosthetics

Braces, bridges, dentures, dental implants, and other restorations require special care, and we can show you what to do.


Enhance your smile with tooth whitening in Burnham

Teeth whitening is a popular and cost-effective cosmetic dentistry treatment than can help you brighten your teeth by several shades. Teeth whitening gently removes stains leaving your teeth cleaner and brightened and can be combined with a teeth straightening treatment such as Invisalign or Six Month Braces for a truly irresistible result.

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we use proprietary technology to whiten your teeth in Burnham. Tooth whitening with the Enlighten system combines a home based kit of custom-made bleaching trays and an in-practice whitening session for a more noticeable, whiter smile.

Tooth Whitening in BurnhamCommon causes of tooth discolouration

As we age, tooth enamel becomes thinner and our teeth appear more yellow and discoloured. Yellowing is also the result of consuming coffee, tea, red wine as well as other highly-pigmented foods and beverages. Discoloured teeth are also caused by certain medications or are simply the result of genetics. In any case, you can remove the stains from your teeth with professional tooth whitening in Burnham.

Enlighten tooth whitening

Enlighten tooth whitening in Burnham is completed over two sessions. First, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth in order to create customised bleaching trays. These trays are designed to fit perfectly over your teeth and contain a concentrated bleaching gel. Once they are ready you take them home, where you will wear them for approximately two weeks for a few hours every night. Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them in order to avoid tooth and gum sensitivity and other problems. The purpose of this treatment is to prepare your teeth for the deep cleansing session that will take place in our dental practice.

After two weeks, you will return to the dental practice and your dentist will carry out a thorough bleaching session. They will use a powerful bleaching solution directly on your teeth, ensuring to protect your gums and soft tissue, powered by a whitening lamp for three 20-minute sessions. Once you are done, your teeth will look brighter than ever.

After the treatment, you will be advised to avoid red wine, tea or coffee, highly-pigmented foods, as well as smoking, for up to a week for long-lasting results.

Restore your brightness

Many people will notice that their teeth gradually change colour as they age. If good oral hygiene is not maintained, the natural dental whiteness can become dull, and take on hints of yellow or light brown. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, teeth whitening is a speedy and simple treatment that removes this discolouration, giving you a bright smile that enhances your appearance, and can boost your self-confidence.


Most people know that the teeth can be stained by smoking cigarettes. But certain drinks can also leave their mark on your teeth’s enamel surface: coffee, red wine, antibiotics, fluoride exposure, and fizzy pop can all cause brown or yellow patches to spread across your smile. At our friendly dental practice in Burnham, teeth whitening will remove these unsightly marks. Teeth whitening is delivered using the Enlighten system.

Teeth Whitening in BurnhamA simple process

At the initial consultation, you’ll discuss your oral health with the dentist, who will take a detailed dental impression using up-to-date techniques. You will then be given a plastic tray, precisely moulded to fit perfectly over your teeth. You wear this tray, together with a special whitening gel, at home while you sleep. The gel’s active ingredients are gently transferred onto the tooth enamel over the two weeks of treatment, breaking down the stains to reveal the natural whiteness underneath.

Once you’ve completed this stage of your teeth whitening in Burnham, you’ll return to our practice for the final 40-minute finishing procedure.


After this simple treatment, you’ll have a mouth that feels fresh and a smile that’s bright and tidy. You’ll notice the improvements when you look at photos of nights out, or when you check your face in the mirror before leaving the house. You will no doubt find that you are smiling more often and feeling happier. That’s because smiling releases serotonin, the natural feel-good chemical.

A new start

At our practice in Burnham, teeth whitening has been carried out by our dental team for over 30 years. We know how to provide a reliable dental improvement, tailored to the needs of our patients. Contact us today, to get started on your treatment.

Neater, cleaner, healthier teeth

Many people have teeth that are not perfectly aligned. This could be because of genetic factors, dental habits, or injuries. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, braces are available that will improve your oral health by optimising the position of your teeth. By using modern methods and up-to-date dental appliances, discomfort is kept to a minimum, while the change happens as quickly as possible.

Clear benefits

Braces in BurnhamTo get you started, we’ll discuss what you want for your teeth. You might have dental crowding, a misaligned bite, or teeth that are a bit more wonky than you’d like. Whatever your situation, once your teeth are tidied up, your oral health will be improved. Straighter teeth function more effectively, and so put less strain on the jaw. They are easier to keep clean, because there are fewer tricky spaces in which food debris and plaque can hide.

Discreet improvements

Many adults are choosing to have this treatment because modern braces are discreet. They can be tooth-coloured, attached to the back of the teeth, or even moulded from clear plastic. The complexity of your dental needs will determine which appliance is the right one for you, and your dentist will make a precise treatment plan before you begin, so that you know exactly when it will end. In some cases, this can be as little as six months. But in others, it may take 18 months or even longer. Guiding the teeth into healthier positions does take some time, because the braces apply gentle pressure. But whatever method ends up being the best for you, your braces in Burnham will stay discreet. The eye-catching wire-and-bracket appliances, stuck to the front of the teeth, are no longer the only option.

Lasting benefits

After the braces are removed, it’s usually necessary to wear a retainer while you sleep, to help the teeth stay in their new positions. But once it’s all over, your oral health will be much improved. Getting braces in Burnham is a long-term investment in your dental health, a positive change that will keep rewarding you long after the braces have come off.

Anti-ageing treatments in Burnham

Ageing is a natural process, and at some point we have all wished the lines did not come with the wisdom. With ageing, the skin undergoes many changes, some of which can be controlled, while others can’t. Changes that can be controlled often occur because of external factors such as the sun, smoking and other environmental factors such as pollution, diet, gravity and bad skin care. And while we cannot stop the natural process of ageing because it is programmed in our body, we can certainly adjust our personal habits and reduce the changes caused to our skin by external factors.

At Dental Surgery Burnham, we understand that quite a few people would like to remove the signs of ageing from their face without resorting to complex surgical procedures. For this reason, we offer facial rejuvenation techniques that can soften wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Our experienced dentists can arrange thorough personalised cosmetic and facial consultations in Burnham for patients who wish to have Botox or dermal fillers.

Cosmetic and Facial Consultations in BurnhamBotox

Botox is a purified toxin that’s injected into the skin to effectively remove or lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines. This treatment is particularly effective on the brow, frown lines and the area around the eyes. Most of these areas are affected by facial expressions and are more likely to develop lines and wrinkles over time.

Treatment with Botox is very quick and last 15 minutes approximately. However, it can take up to a few days to see significant change. Recurrent treatments are encouraged every few months for maintaining good results.

Dermal fillers

Unlike Botox, dermal fillers actually fill in lines and wrinkles to make the skin look younger and plumper. Fillers usually consist of synthetic hyaluronic acid, to replace the actual hyaluronic acid lost with age. Dermal fillers are also used for enhancing the lips as well as shaping facial and neck contours.

The treatment consists of injections which are administered by our experienced dentists and the effects are visible immediately. Depending on the area treated and the density of the gel used, the filler effect can last between 6 and 12 months.

Teeth whitening in Burnham: not just a pretty face

With 48% of the UK´s population being unhappy with their teeth and 64% of those saying that they are mainly unhappy because of the colour of their teeth, it´s no wonder that teeth whitening in Burnham is one of the most regularly sought-after treatments.

With our Enlighten system, your teeth could be looking whiter and healthier within a matter of weeks, giving you the confidence to show off your natural, beautiful smile as much as possible.

Teeth Whitening in BurnhamThe hidden benefits of teeth whitening

The benefits of teeth whitening are not purely cosmetic, as these superficial changes can have more deep seated effects. For example, with whiter, brighter teeth you may feel encouraged to look after your teeth more thoroughly in order to keep them that way for as long as possible. Keeping on top of your dental hygiene will help your dental health in countless ways, such as reducing the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth, which in turn reduces your chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using anti-bacterial mouthwash will keep your teeth looking healthy and feeling great.

What’s more the boost to your confidence and self-image can have knock-on effects on your professional interactions. For example, studies have shown that people who are confident in their appearance are more likely to make advances in their careers. Having a confident, welcoming smile can do wonders in the workplace.

Another great example is the possibility of advantages in your social life and love life. In the UK, a person´s smile was ranked as number two on the most attractive features by men and women.

What’s involved in teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening in Burnham involves just 2 visits. One visit for a consultation and planning, then 2 weeks of daily application of the whitening gel at home, and finally a second visit for a thorough cleaning and the final application of concentrated gel. The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in teeth whitening. For safe and effective treatment, teeth whitening should only ever be carried out under the guidance of a dental professional.

How simple tooth whitening treatments can transform your life

It’s no mystery that having a whiter, healthier smile is more attractive to people in your life. In a study conducted for Smile Month UK 2017, our smile is the second most attractive feature for men and women, following behind our personalities. Tooth discolouration can be an unavoidable part of modern life, with a wide range of causes, from what we eat to smoking and drinking.

Tooth whitening is a great option if you want to make the most of your natural smile. Besides the advantages when meeting new people, having whiter teeth can even help you in your career.

Teeth Whitening in BurnhamYour options for tooth whitening in Burnham

Here at The Dental Surgery Burnham, we offer many cosmetic dentistry treatments, including tooth whitening. The treatment procedure for tooth whitening in Burnham is a simple one. First, you have an initial assessment of the discoloured teeth and a discussion with our friendly professional about how the treatment will work and how long the treatment will take. After this initial assessment, you apply the tooth whitening gel to your teeth for a few hours every day for two weeks. After these two weeks, you come back to the practice for a thorough cleaning and a final application of a concentrated gel, to give a shiny, white appearance.

Why just stop at whiter teeth?

We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments in Burnham. Tooth whitening could just be the start on your journey to a more beautiful smile. One leading cause of tooth discolouration is poor dental hygiene.

If your teeth are slightly crooked or out of alignment, we can help you straighten your natural teeth. Having straighter, more regimented teeth makes maintaining a high level of dental hygiene easier and more manageable. We offer treatments like Six Month Smiles and Invisalign which can help straighten your teeth faster than ever.

Here at The Dental Surgery Burnham, we can provide a complete service for cosmetic dentistry, helping you on your way to that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. All of this treatment can be provided under one roof, so there’s no need for you to travel to achieve your dream smile.

Improve your dental hygiene with braces in Burnham

There are many reasons for crooked or misaligned bites, from having habits that affect the natural position of our teeth to genetics making your teeth naturally grow out of alignment. Luckily, there are many treatments available to you to remedy these problems.

Having straight and white teeth doesn’t just come with cosmetic benefits. Put simply, straight teeth are easier to keep clean. There are lots of benefits of reducing the gaps between your natural teeth.

There are more teeth straightening options available to you than ever, with advances in materials and the cost of previously expensive materials decreasing. These factors make these treatments more accessible and more widely available.

Braces in BurnhamTried and tested braces in Burnham

The most tried and tested type of braces in Burnham are traditional dental braces. These are the familiar metal wire braces that gently move your teeth over time to a more desirable position. This type of treatment can be used to correct more severe cases and takes between one and five years to be complete.

These types of braces are most commonly used to correct younger people’s teeth, but can be used to help all ages. As with most treatments, these braces come with downsides that you may need to consider before committing to the braces. For instance, as your teeth are adjusted, some pain or discomfort may be experienced.

Alternative treatment to traditional braces

We understand that not everyone may like the idea of traditional braces. In Burnham, we provide other treatments that could be more suitable for your needs. For more minor adjustments, a removable appliance may be more suitable. Here at the surgery we can offer Invisalign treatment. This treatment involves a series of plastic trays molded to your teeth that gradually change in shape, shifting your teeth with gentle pressure.

This treatment is advantageous because the plastic trays can be removed, making them easier to clean and maintain. They also aren’t a problem when eating because they can simply be taken out before meal time. Here at the dental surgery Burnham, we aim to have you enjoying the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile as quickly as possible and with little interruption.

Dental implants in Burnham – all you need to know

If you are missing one, several or all of your natural teeth and want to replace them permanently, then dental implants are the best solution for you. Unlike other tooth replacement options that simply sit on the gums and require replacement every few years, dental implants become part of the jawbone and can last a lifetime with proper oral care. At the Dental Surgery Burnham, dental implants are our treatment of choice for patients who have lost their teeth and want to restore their oral function.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants in BurnhamDental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, which are surgically fixed into the jawbone. Titanium is a material that is compatible with the human body, therefore, dental implants gradually fuse to the jawbone and replace the missing tooth roots. Once healed, they are usually topped by replacement teeth such as individual crowns, bridges or dentures. Their biggest advantage compared to other tooth replacement options such as conventional bridges and dentures is that they look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Why should I replace my missing teeth with dental implants?

Tooth loss is a serious oral condition and can create many unfavourable consequences if not addressed. Apart from restoring your ability to smile, eat and speak better, dental implants are the only tooth replacement treatment that prevents jawbone deterioration that can lead to the collapse of facial tissue. This happens through the transmission of pressure down into the jawbone, once the implants are fixed. Teeth which are not replaced with dental implants will eventually compromise healthy teeth that will gradually move to the empty spaces leading to further tooth loss.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a good option for patients of all ages in good health who have lost one or several teeth due to accident, trauma or disease. However, dental implants require sufficient jawbone in order to be fixed in place. If you suffer considerable bone loss, your dentist may suggest a bone augmentation procedure prior to your implant surgery. Similarly, patients with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease will need clearance from their doctor before proceeding to dental implants, since these conditions can seriously compromise the healing period.