Give your smile a tooth whitening makeover this summer

Tooth whitening is an excellent way to brighten up your smile by removing common stains from the teeth. The Dental Surgery Burnham uses the Enlighten tooth whitening systems, one of the most trusted and popular in the world. It is also the only system that guarantees a B1 shade of whiteness, which is the lightest shade available in the UK.

teeth-whitening-burnhamHow teeth become stained

There are numerous causes of tooth staining, but the most common is poor dental hygiene. When plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on the surfaces of the teeth, the result is an unpleasant brown staining.

Your dentist or hygienist can remove plaque and tartar with a professional tooth clean. The hygienist will also furnish you with customised advice to improve your home cleaning regime, to help prevent the problem from happening again.

For a complete brightness boost, however, tooth whitening is the perfect solution. Even those who consider themselves to have a good oral care routine may find that their teeth become stained through a range of dietary factors, including tea and coffee, lifestyle choices such as smoking, through some medications and as part of the ageing process.

In all of these cases, tooth whitening can help.

Burnham tooth whitening

When you come to our Burnham clinic for a tooth whitening consultation, your dentist will assess the nature of your teeth staining. Whitening works in most situations, although permanently discoloured teeth and dental restorations such as crowns or white fillings won’t be altered by whitening.

If you have a permanently discoloured tooth, another cosmetic option from our Burnham clinic will be more beneficial – porcelain veneers are a popular choice.

The Enlighten tooth whitening system we use at our Burnham practice is a combination system. Your dentist will first fit you with custom-made mouth trays, which you use with bleaching gel at home for two weeks.

At the end of the fortnight you will come back for a final power whitening session here at our Burnham clinic. Your dentist will apply a more concentrated form of the gel to your teeth and all you will need to do is sit back and relax.

Teeth whitening: the quickest way to a brighter smile

So long as it’s carried out by a dentist, teeth whitening is a safe and effective method of brightening your smile. The Dental Surgery Burnham is proud to use only the Enlighten teeth whitening system, one of the most popular brands in the world, and the only one that guarantees a B1 shade of whiteness – the lightest shade available in the UK.

teeth-whitening-burnhamCommon reasons for stained teeth

If you have poor oral hygiene, your teeth are likely to discoloured and stained by brown deposits of plaque. Improving your home brushing routine and visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly will help in these circumstances.

However, even those with good oral hygiene find their teeth get stained by a number of lifestyle factors. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of teeth staining, as well as having many other detrimental effects on the body. The Dental Surgery Burnham offers a smoking cessation service, designed to help and support you to cut down and eventually quit, with quickly noticeable benefits for dental and general health.

Other common culprits for teeth staining include dietary factors (such as tea or coffee), some medicines, medicated mouthwashes, and medical conditions. Professional teeth whitening with a dentist is an excellent way to get rid of such common stains, leaving your teeth many shades brighter.

Burnham teeth whitening

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we use the Enlighten teeth whitening system. Your journey begins with a consultation with a cosmetic dentist, who will check your oral health (conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay need to be treated before teeth whitening is started) and assess the nature of tooth staining.

Teeth whitening doesn’t work on restorations such as veneers, crowns, or bridges, nor when a tooth is permanently discoloured. In this latter situation, another cosmetic procedure such as veneers would be a better option.

You will be fitted with custom-made whitening trays and given Enlighten whitening gel. After two weeks of wearing the trays at home overnight, you will come back to our Burnham practice for a final appointment with your dentist, who will thoroughly clean your teeth and apply a concentrated gel.

Tooth whitening treatment: the perfect summer smile booster

Tooth whitening can be the perfect way to boost your smile in time for your summer holidays. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we use the popular Enlighten tooth whitening system, which is the only system to guarantee a B1 shade of whiteness when treatment is complete – the lightest shade available in the UK.

teeth-whitening-burnhamIf you are interested in tooth whitening treatment, why not call in to our Burnham dental practice for a consultation?

Why we need tooth whitening treatment

Everybody wants a beautiful set of pearly white teeth, but as with anything else a bright, white smile requires work.

There are numerous causes of tooth discolouration. Poor dental hygiene is one; if you don’t visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, and you have an inadequate home care routine, plaque and tartar are going to build up on your teeth, causing brown discolouration.

Regular professional cleaning by your hygienist is an effective way to get rid of plaque and tartar discolouration. The hygienist can also teach you how to improve your oral home care.

Even if you do have good dental hygiene practices, dietary factors (such as coffee or red wine) can cause surface stains on the teeth, as can lifestyle factors such as smoking. Sometime, medicines and medicated mouth washes can stain the teeth as a side effect. This is where tooth whitening comes into play.

Tooth whitening treatment involves the use of gentle dental bleaching gel to remove common stains such as those mentioned above from the teeth. The Enlighten system we use at The Dental Surgery Burnham is a combination whitening system. This means that part of the treatment takes place at home, and part of it in the surgery.

Whitening treatment should always be prescribed by a dentist, so you will need to come into our Burnham practice for a consultation prior to starting treatment.

Your practitioner will fit your with custom-made whitening trays and provide you with gel to use at home for a fortnight. At the end of this two week period you will come back to our Burnham clinic for a professional tooth clean and a 40-minute application of more concentrated gel.

How discreet braces and aligners can subtly straighten your teeth

If you think that braces have to be made from metal, think again. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we appreciate that traditional fixed metal appliances, often crudely described as “train-tracks”, are not particularly compatible with a professional adult lifestyle. That’s why we are pleased to offer some far more subtle options for treatment.

discreet-bracesDepending on your individual circumstances and needs, teeth straightening treatment need not involve fixed braces at all. Read on to discover your discreet teeth straightening options in Burnham. . .

Burnham braces and aligners: your choices

We offer treatment with cosmetic braces and clear aligners at our Burnham dental practice. Both have their advantages and are suited to different types of orthodontic correction.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are based on traditional orthodontic principles, which have been modernised for the 21st Century. They still comprise wires and brackets, but the brackets are made out of clear ceramic and the wires from tooth-coloured nickel-titanium. This means that they blend in with the natural colour of your teeth, making them much more discreet than metal braces.

Primarily designed for cosmetic correction, Six Month Smiles braces work – as the name suggests – in an average of just six months. Treatment is complete so quickly because they focus on the front six to eight teeth – those that show when you smile.

Some cases take just half the average time to complete, and most people finish their course of treatment within nine months.

At the end of treatment you will need to wear a retainer. At our Burnham dental practice we use bonded retainers, hidden away on the back of your teeth.


Sometimes called “invisible braces”, Invisalign treatment involves the use of a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually adjust the position of your teeth.

Invisalign can be used to correct a wider range of issues than cosmetic braces, and treatment times will depend on the type and amount of correction you need. Most cases take between nine and 18 months, and you will have to come into our Burnham dental practice every couple of months so your dentist can check your progress.

Replace old crowns and veneers

Dental crowns are a type of restoration used to fit over a weakened tooth to improve its strength or appearance. They may be used after root canal treatment or on teeth that have very large cavities, and can be made from a number of different materials including metal and porcelain.

dental crownVeneers are cosmetic restorations used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the front teeth. They are thin shells of porcelain that are fitted over the front surfaces of the teeth to cover minor problems with spacing, alignment, discolouration and tooth length, as well as small chips and cracks. A single veneer can cover a permanently discoloured tooth when teeth whitening is not an option, whilst a full set (sometimes called a smile makeover) and improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Both crowns and veneers are designed to last for a long time. However, in some cases you will need or want to have your crowns or veneers replaced, which is why we offer a crown and veneer replacement service at The Dental Surgery Burnham. Your old restorations may have become damaged, or you may have had an old metal crown that you would like replaced with a tooth-coloured alternative. Whatever the reason, if you want to replace your old veneers or crowns, please come in for a consultation at our Burnham dental practice.

Here’s how it works. . .


Your dentist will remove your old veneers and will measure you up for new ones, by taking impressions of your teeth. A temporary veneer may be fitted whilst your new set is being made. The dentist will closely match your veneers to the natural colour of your teeth, so they will look beautiful and realistic.

Veneers require minimal preparation of your teeth, so the structure of each tooth will remain intact. Once your new veneers are ready you will be called back to our Burnham practice to have them fitted. Your dentist will check that you are entirely happy with the fit, feel, and appearance of your veneers before they are attached to your teeth with a strong dental bonding agent, giving you a beautiful, restored smile.


If you have an old, worn crown, a metal crown that you don’t like the look of, or large metal fillings, a replacement crown could be the best solution. Your dentist will remove your old crown or filling and will check for any additional tooth decay, before taking impressions of your tooth for your new crown to be made. If you chose a tooth-coloured crown, it will be closely matched to the natural shade of your teeth. A temporary filling will be placed between appointments, and when your new crown is ready, your dentist will carefully fit it, giving your tooth renewed strength as well as improving its appearance.

Why braces no longer need to mean a mouth full of metal

If you think braces mean obvious fixed metal appliances, it’s time to think again. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we offer a range of more discreet routes to straighter teeth, designed for adults with busy professional lives, as well as in some cases for self-conscious teenagers who want an alternative to standard metal braces.

braces-burnhamDiscreet orthodontics is a rapidly growing area, driven by the increasing desire in adult patients for teeth straightening treatment, without having to wear obvious metal braces for months or even years on end. What these discreet devices do is to take the traditional principles of orthodontic treatment then modernise them to create devices fit for the 21st Century.

At our Burnham dental practice we believe that you are never too old to straighten your teeth. Whilst many of these devices are colloquially referred to as “cosmetic braces” the health benefits of teeth straightening treatment should not be ignored. In general terms, straighter teeth are healthier teeth because there are fewer gaps in which food particles can get trapped and plaque bacteria can build up. That means, with a good home care routine and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, teeth straightening treatment can reduce your risk of developing both gum disease and tooth decay.

Discreet braces and aligners in Burnham

If you are interested in a subtler method of teeth straightening, you should book an orthodontic consultation at our Burnham dental practice. Your dentist will perform an in-depth clinical examination to determine the best course of treatment to suit your needs.

The subtle teeth straightening options at our Burnham clinic are:

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are discreet braces designed for minor to moderate correction of issues affecting the front teeth. They have an average treatment time of just half a year and work so quickly because their primary focus is on the teeth that show when you smile. These appliances comprise clear and tooth-coloured components.


Sometimes called “invisible braces” Invisalign is in fact a series of clear, removable aligners that fit over your teeth to adjust their position. Invisalign aligners are all-but invisible to the untrained eye.

Why tooth whitening with a cosmetic dentist is a great smile boost before a special occasion

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available, and it’s not difficult to understand why. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we have found that combination whitening treatment is the most effective way to remove even deep-seated stains from the teeth, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile in as little as a fortnight.

tooth-whitening-burnhamHow tooth whitening works

Teeth are easily stained by dietary factors (such as coffee or red wine), by lifestyle factors such as smoking, as a side-effect of some medicines, and a consequence of some medical conditions such as fluorosis.

Whilst it is often possible for the hygienist at our Burnhamdental practice to remove surface stains, tooth whitening is the most effective way to remove more deep-seated stains. It involves the use of custom-made teeth whitening trays and a special bleaching gel (which is of a legally safe concentration) to permeate the teeth and get rid of common staining.

Results will typically last for several months, and whilst lifestyle factors may cause your teeth to lose a couple of shades of brightness in between six months and a year, they are unlikely to return to their original stained colour. We offer top-up treatments at our Burnham clinic, and recommend an occasional one-night home top-up every few months to maintain colour.

Tooth whitening in Burnham

The Dental Surgery Burnham uses the Enlighten combination tooth whitening system, which is the only one to guarantee a B1 shade of brightness – the lightest shade available in the UK.

You will start by carrying out treatment at home, using custom-made whitening trays and gel for about two weeks, and will then come in for a final 40-minute appointment at the practice. At this appointment your dentist applies a more concentrated form of the gel.

Tooth whitening from a dentist: the safe, reliable, and fast way to boost your smile

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry, and it’s not hard to see why. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we believe that everybody deserves a smile to be proud of, and have seen many patients’ confidence transformed with the help of a course of whitening treatment.

teeth-whiteningEveryday life soon takes its toll on our teeth, and tooth staining is a common problem. Dietary factors including drinks such as tea and coffee, habits such as cigarette smoking, even some medicines and medical conditions result in staining of the teeth.

When delivered by a dentist, tooth whitening treatment is an effective way to remove common stains, brightening up your smile and raising your self-esteem. It takes just a couple of weeks to complete, which makes it perfect preparation for a special occasion such as a family holiday, job interview or graduation. If you are interested in this treatment, join us at our Burnham clinic for a consultation.

The first thing your dentist will do is assess the nature of your tooth staining to check that tooth whitening treatment is the most appropriate option. It works on even deep-seated stains and is suitable for most people; only if you have a tooth that is permanently discoloured will you need to consider another option from our cosmetic dentistry menu, such as porcelain veneers.

At our Burnhamdental practice we have conducted extensive research into tooth whitening products, and are proud to use only the Enlighten teeth whitening brand. It is the only system that guarantees a B1 shade of whiteness – the lightest available in the UK – and is also known for being gentle on the teeth.

Enlighten tooth whitening starts with home whitening, and is completed with a final session here at our Burnhamdental practice.

If you think braces mean metal, think again

Hear the word “braces” and what springs to mind? Metal train-tracks? At The Dental Surgery Burnham we are eager to point out that while fixed metal appliances remain popular with teenagers, who enjoy the ability to customise their devices, for example in the colours of their favourite football team, there are a number of more discreet options available for adults in need of orthodontic treatment.

invisible-bracesBurnhambraces and aligners

The Dental Surgery Burnham offers two options for anyone interested in discreet teeth straightening: tooth-coloured braces, and clear aligners. Whichever option you find best suits your needs, we think you’ll agree that treatment is far more subtle than with traditional metal appliances. In many cases, it is quicker, too.

If you would like straighter teeth without the constraints and hassle of metal braces, come to our Burnhamdental practice for a consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth and your bite – how your jaws meet – before recommending the best course of treatment.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are fixed braces with some major differences. They comprise clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, so they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. These devices use lower forces than traditional orthodontic appliances, and they work in an average of six months because they concentrate on the teeth that show when you smile.


Sometimes called “invisible braces”, Invisalign is in fact a series of removable clear aligners that are custom-made to fit over your teeth, gently guiding them into a new position in two-week increments.

Invisalign aligners can be used to correct a wider range of orthodontic issues than Six Month Smiles, and they have little to no impact on your lifestyle, because you can take them out for short periods to eat and drink, to brush your teeth, and to clean.

Clean and polish

As well as regular visits to the dentist, regular appointments with the dental hygienist are vitally important to keeping your mouth healthy. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, our skilled team of hygienists and oral health educators, working under our dentists’ direction, provide a full range of oral healthcare services, helping to keep your teeth wonderfully clean and helping to prevent problems such as gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.

teeth-whiteningWhen most people think of the hygienist, they think of a scale and polish. This is a vital part of the hygienist’s role, and involves professionally cleaning your teeth using a range of specialist equipment and pastes.

Even those of us with a good home healthcare routine benefit from a scale and polish every six months. There are often areas of the mouth that are difficult to clean properly at home, and this is where plaque bacteria and tartar can build up, leading to problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Your hygienist will be able to reach all of these areas to remove all traces of plaque, leaving you with a super-clean feeling.

Patients who wear orthodontic devices such as braces, who have restorations such as dental bridges or who have replaced teeth with dental implants all need specialist hygiene advice and cleaning, and your hygienist will be able to provide this. In some cases you may need to visit us more frequently than every six months; you should always follow your dentist or hygienist’s advice regarding number of appointments.

A scale and polish from the hygienist can also remove much of the surface staining that builds up on the teeth from drinks such as tea or coffee, leaving them much brighter without the need for teeth whitening treatment.

As well as professional tooth-cleaning, your hygienist can also provide bespoke advice for patients of all ages on how to get the best out of their home cleaning routine, including which products are best for their individual needs. They can also discuss how diet and habits such as smoking affect your teeth, and offer guidance on lifestyle changes that will benefit your smile.