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A guide to your new year, new smile Burnham

Have you always wanted the ‘perfect’ smile? Maybe you have had concerns over the years about your teeth, but you are unsure on what dental treatment to have. Did you know that there are dental treatments which aim to improve the appearance of your teeth leaving you with a new smile? If the sound of this interests you, why not pay a visit to our dental practice, Dental Surgery Burnham, where we offer dental treatments within cosmetic dentistry to help you on your journey to achieving your new year, new smile Burnham.

What cosmetic dentistry treatment can you expect at Dental Surgery Burnham?

If you have decided to invest in cosmetic dental treatment for your new year, new smile Burnham, our highly experienced dental staff at Dental Surgery Burnham will be able to provide you with information and recommend the best cosmetic dental treatment to meet your needs. At Dental Surgery Burnham, we have cosmetic dental treatments to correct dental issues such as tooth discolouration, chipped, or worn teeth, a misaligned bite and even broken and missing teeth. Our team at Dental Surgery Burnham understand how important your teeth and smile are, and how having issues such as a chipped tooth can affect an individual's confidence. This is why we are dedicated to providing quality dental treatment whilst investing in the latest dental technology, to ensure that the results are of a high standard and are long lasting.

Tooth whitening at Dental Surgery Burnham

The journey to a new year, new smile Burnham does not have to be a complicated one, and at Dental Surgery Burnham, we assess each of our patient’s individual needs, taking into consideration their concerns and what they would like to achieve, whilst recommending the best dental treatment available.

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available for our patients who are working towards a new smile is tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is available for patients who are unhappy with the current shade of their teeth. Tooth discolouration is very common as we get older, and can be for a number of reasons. We can experience tooth discolouration due to the food and drink we consume, habits such as smoking, and it can even be a result of poor oral hygiene. In some cases, medication can also affect the shade of our teeth. Luckily, at Dental Surgery Burnham, we offer a professional tooth whitening treatment known as the Enlighten System to our patients. Using this treatment on patients guarantees a B1 shade once the treatment is complete.

How does the Enlighten System work?

If you have decided you would like to go ahead and whiten your teeth, you will firstly undergo an initial consultation with our dentist to assess the discolouration. After this, you will be provided with a whitening gel which you will be required to apply at home for two weeks. Once this has been completed, you will be invited back to our dental practice where you will undergo a comprehensive cleaning and application of a concentrated gel which will be carried out for forty minutes.

Teeth whitening is effective as the treatment can last for us to six months, however it is important to ensure that you maintain a good oral health regime to ensure the results last for as long as possible

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