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How a hygienist can help with your oral health Burnham?

Are you brushing, flossing and rinsing daily like an obsession? Or have you wanted to better your hygiene habits at home but feel like you don’t know where to start? Either way, that’s great because there is always more you can do to improve your oral health Burnam that will enhance your overall health as well as ensure that you have healthy strong teeth for a very long time. At Dental Surgery Burnham we have a dedicated Hygienist that will see to all your gum and teeth cleaning needs as well as provide you with the correct information to take into your home care routine too.

What can I expect from a hygiene appointment?

Education - most people don’t actually know how to take care of their oral health Burnham at home or even what toothpaste to be using, and a hygienist will be able to teach you and your family how to correctly clean your teeth and gums so that you can get the most out of the time you spend in front of the bathroom mirror.

Scaling and polishing - everyone needs a good deep clean every 6 months, even those who know what they are doing at home. Scaling and polishing is a technique used by hygienists that can scrape away plaque and tartar from the surface and in between the teeth as well as taking care of stains and other build-ups. They will also be able to ensure that bacteria is not building up in pockets beneath the gums by cleaning with jets of fluid which is something you cannot do yourself at home. The final thing a hygienist will do is polish teeth and possibly paint them with a protective coating.

Helping the dentist - a hygienist can see any problematic issues with your teeth before you even know about them, like the formation of cavities or gum infections, in this case, you will be referred directly to the dentist to take care of the issues before they even begin to bother you.

What more can I do?

Professional whitening - Having whiter brighter teeth certainly looks good, and whitening treatment will certainly take care of any stains or yellowing you may have, but studies have shown that people who spend time and money on professional whitening treatments may be more inclined to take better care of their teeth to make those treatments last, so if this is something that may motivate you to do better with your oral health Burnham then we highly recommend you invest in the treatment.

Orthodontics - it has been proven that straighter teeth are easier to clean, if you have crooked or overcrowded teeth it may be difficult to get into small gaps between overlapping teeth in order to clean them properly. So if you have crooked or gapped teeth we recommend an orthodontic treatment to straighten them out and improve the overall health of your mouth, now don’t freak out too much, there are so many invisible options for orthodontics today that you don’t have to face the next 3 years with traditional metal braces, a few months with a set of clear aligners can do the trick.

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