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Taking care of your oral health in Burnham

There are a number of surprising ill-effects that can be the result of ignoring your oral health, while gingivitis and gum disease are the obvious ones you’ve probably heard about over and over again, did you know that they can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even dementia? Your oral health Burnham is as important as taking your daily vitamins and leading a healthy lifestyle and in truth, should be a big part of that lifestyle. At Dental Surgery Burnham we put your health first and while getting regular check-ups at the dentist is an important part of what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums healthy, having regular hygiene appointments is the really important part of it all.

The risks of poor oral health Burnham

Cavities - Food stuck between teeth from lack of flossing or the overconsumption of sugary foods can eat away at the enamel of the tooth causing a cavity. A cavity takes a while to form and you won’t know about it until you bite down one day and it hurts. A cavity will need to be filled as soon as possible before it causes a greater infection, which is why regular dental visits are vital.

Gum disease - Sore, swollen or bleeding gums are all a sign of gum disease (gingivitis) and are caused by the bacteria which causes plaque to form in your mouth, it will cause pain and bad breath and if left untreated, and will definitely lead to more serious infections:

Periodontitis - This is a serious infection within the tooth and even the jawbone, it is incredibly painful and can cause an inflammatory response throughout the body, if you have such an infection in your tooth you may need root canal therapy to clean it out and possibly a course of strong antibiotics too. If you avoid getting treatment the infection will spread and the consequences will be dire.

Oral cancer - The number one cause of oral cancer is smoking, if you are a smoker we highly recommend you try to quit and have regular cancer screenings for the next four years so that if cancer forms we are able to treat it early.

How can hygiene appointments help?

Scaling and polishing - Everyone needs a good deep clean every 6 months for their oral health Burnham, even those who know what they are doing at home. Scaling and polishing is a technique used by hygienists that can scrape away plaque and tartar from the surface and in between the teeth, as well as taking care of stains and other build-up. They will also be able to ensure that bacteria is not building up in pockets beneath the gums by cleaning with jets of fluid, which is something you cannot do yourself at home. The final thing a hygienist will do is polish your teeth and possibly paint them with a protective coating.

Helping the dentist - A hygienist can see any problematic issues with your teeth before you even know about them, like the formation of cavities or gum infections. In this case, you will be referred directly to the dentist to take care of the issues before they even begin to bother you.

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