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Unsure why you may need a crown or veneer placed? 5 reasons for these common restorative fittings

There is an old joke about a lady who goes to her dentist; they tell her that she needs a crown and she replies ‘I know, right?’ Of course, while this is a joke, it can indeed be daunting when you are in the dentist chair.

Although fairly common in dentistry, very little is known by patients about dental crowns, why they would be recommended by their dental team and what they are actually for. Interestingly, while many dental patients assume that a crown is used as part of a cosmetic treatment, it is actually more commonly used in restorative procedures. For instance, if you have had a root canal performed recently, your dentist may recommend having a crown placed on top to secure the endodontic process.

When you visit the Dental Surgery, our team can provide you with a myriad of restorative procedures, from implants to crowns and veneers in Burnham. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our patients leave our surgery with a striking smile alongside having a set of teeth that are functional and natural-looking. Perfect!

But why might you need to have crowns and veneers in Burnham aside from restoring a tooth? Read on to find out!


In the event that you have lost a few of your teeth and are not too keen on having implants fitted, our team may suggest that you have a fitted bridge to fill the gap. Crowns may sometimes be used to support a fitted bridge, depending on the strength of the natural tooth. As fitted bridges require a stable base to attach to, crowns can be used to improve the durability of your tooth, allowing a more successful placement of a bridge.


Interestingly, dental crowns are often used to cover up dental implants. Once the implant has fused to the jaw, many cosmetic specialists will then place a custom-fitted crown over the implant to act as a functional tooth. Once again, this is to restore functionality to the mouth, while also protecting the dental implant from damage.


Both crowns and veneers in Burnham can be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of a tooth. Both options are placed over a discoloured tooth and held firmly in place with dental cement. If looked after correctly, both a veneer and a crown cast last upwards of 15 years, making them a great alternative to traditional whitening.


It is a fact of life that many people have a tooth in their mouth that somewhat sticks out, creating a cosmetic issue. While it may seem unusual to use a crown to conceal such a problem, these caps can be used to create a more symmetrical look to your smile as well as hiding any unsightly chips or cracks.


OK, so technically in this instance a crown is restorative but it can also be cosmetic. Teeth that are worn down can be built up to physically match the surrounding teeth, creating a more symmetrical look. Great stuff!

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