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Making you happy through teeth whitening in Burnham

Let yourself shine

Here at Dental Surgery Burnham, it is our mission to put a smile on every one of our patient’s faces. Nothing makes us happier than to make each individual patient as happy as can be. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments which are designed to help patients maximise the potential of their smiles. One of the most popular of these treatments is cosmetic teeth whitening in Burnham. At Dental Surgery Burnham, we recognise that nowadays more than ever it is important to look your best, and that those whose teeth are stained or yellowed can often find their confidence knocked. That being said, we provide a whitening service which can help those who need it find their true smile and let their self-esteem shine.

Why might I need professional whitening?

Contrary to what you may have heard or believed, having teeth which are yellowed, stained or discolored is not always indicative of poor oral hygiene. Granted, those who do have poor brushing habits may find it to affect the shade of their teeth, but it is not the only factor which can bring about yellowing. Many of those who seek out professional teeth whitening in Burnham from our cosmetic experts at Burnham Dental Surgery, do so as they have noticed that their enamel has become yellow or dulled as a sign of aging. This, sadly is the case, regardless of how regularly or efficiently that patients brush. As such, a large portion of our clientele are patients who wish to reverse the negative effects of age on the brightness of their teeth. Additionally, there are certain lifestyle factors and decisions which play into the brightness of a patient's teeth. These include whether or not the patient smokes, or consumes an excessive amount of certain drinks which have the potential to stain - such as red wine, or black tea and coffee.

What are my whitening options?

If - for whatever reason - you have noticed that the enamel on your tooth (which is to say the most outer, toughest layer of tooth) has become duller than usual or yellow and you decide to seek out teeth whitening in Burnham, here at Burnham Dental Practice we are happy to help. The initial stage in carrying out any forms of tooth whitening involves the patient visiting our practice in Burnham to have an assessment made of their dental health. This health assessment helps us to gauge whether the patient is fit enough to carry out whitening, as well as establish the degrees of staining in their teeth and what types of staining they have. This assessment also allows us to make a retainer around the patient's tooth shape. This retainer is then given to the patient to take home to continue with the whitening procedure at a time that suits them. Then, at home over the next few weeks, the patient applies an even amount of a specialised bleaching gel which we have provided them with into the retainer before wearing it. This gel contains hydrogen-peroxide, which acts as a bleaching agent and works by burning off any superficial marks on their enamel and brightens their teeth to a guaranteed B1 shade after treatment has been completed. After completing the course of treatment, the patient will then return to our practice where they will have their teeth professionally cleaned until their teeth are shining and bright.

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