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Clearing things up on tooth whitening in Burnham

Brightening up your day

Here at Dental Surgery Burnham, we believe we are living in a time of great change. Across the country, people are increasingly waking up as to how they can retake control of their smiles and have healthier, brighter looking teeth. More than ever before, new patients - both young and older - are flocking to our practice in Burnham to receive cosmetic dentistry solutions to address all number of superficial concerns or issues they may have with their smiles. One of the most popular procedures which we’ve noticed a distinct spike in interest in across the board, is teeth whitening in Burnham. This is a cosmetic procedure which is becoming increasingly popular and aims to brighten your teeth and eradicate any staining or discolouration on your enamel.

Relighting your smile

There are all manner of reasons as to why a patient may opt for teeth whitening in Burnham to brighten their teeth and boost their self-esteem or confidence. The association between white teeth and prosperity is nothing new, and can even be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians, when white teeth were viewed as an indicator of wealth and prosperity. Whilst the world has changed quite a bit since the days of pyramid building, this association has pretty much remained consistent. A recent study concluded that those with whiter teeth are generally considered better looking, as well as it boosting their employment opportunities and decreasing their perceived age by as much as 5-10 years. Despite what you think, the majority of those who seek out teeth whitening in Burnham from our specialists at Dental Surgery Burnham do not do so due to poor oral hygiene resulting in their teeth becoming stained or discoloured. Whilst this does undoubtedly play a part for some patients, many people find that over time, despite having a good and regular oral hygiene routine, the natural enamel on their teeth becomes dulled with age.

Home comforts

Whilst having naturally dulled or yellowed teeth may cause discomfort or embarrassment to many, here at Dental Surgery in Burnham we have the solution. We use the Enlighten method of teeth whitening in Burnham, which is an effective and perfectly safe method of home-whitening which provides patients with the ability to visibly brighten their teeth from the comfort of their own home and at a time which is convenient to them. Those who undertake the Enlighten whitening system through us must first partake in an informal consultation. This is to assess your eligibility for treatment, as well as detail the positive impact that it can have. Thereafter, a custom-moulded retainer will be constructed in-house from an imprint of your teeth. From then on, you’ll be able to take this retainer home along with a specialist peroxide-based gel. This gel is applied to the inside of the retainer, which is then periodically worn at home over the next two weeks. When worn, the bleaching agent within the gel burns away any superficial stains or yellowing on your teeth. Enlighten whitening allows you to visibly witness your teeth getting progressively whiter and whiter, until they shine like they ought to and your self-confidence is fully restored.

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