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Getting beneath the surface of tooth whitening in Burnham

All the rage

Here at Dental Surgery Burnham, we’ve been proudly bringing a smile to the faces of our patients for over 11 years. Throughout that time, we’ve noticed a great number of trends and fashions come and go. One trend which we’ve witnessed over the past few years however, that is showing no signs of fading anytime soon, is the number of patients of all ages who are showing an interest in tooth whitening in Burnham and other cosmetic dentistry options to increase the appeal and aesthetics of their smiles.

Ignite your smile’s true flare

One of the most popular theories here at Dental Surgery Burnham as to what has caused this massive surge in the amount of new patients seeking out tooth whitening in Burnham is the recent rise in the extent of our daily lives that is being documented and presented to the outside world via social media platforms. It is hypothesised that, as we continually photograph ourselves, this has, in turn, caused a great number of us to pay close attention to the aesthetics and brightness of our smiles. Thus, thanks to the age of the ‘selfie smile’ - more than ever, patients of all ages are taking back control of their own appearance and seeking out our tooth whitening in Burnham service to let the true potential of their smile shine through, in order to broadcast it to the world.

Faded dreams

Contrary to popular belief, the most common reason for patients needing cosmetic tooth whitening is not due to poor dietary habits or oral care. Despite how often, or how well you brush, the natural enamel - which is the outermost layer of tooth - often fades as you get older. This can be the cause of some deal of embarrassment or discomfort for many and is one of the most common reasons for patients seeking out the services of our teeth whitening specialists. Additionally, certain lifestyle choices can also increase the discolouration or cause stains to your enamel. The most notoriously damaging of these lifestyle choices being smoking, or chewing tobacco - followed by excessively consuming staining fluids such as red wine, black coffee or tea. Taking certain medications can also sometimes result in the natural enamel of your teeth becoming discoloured or yellowed.

Shine on through

Whilst having teeth which are visibly stained, faded or yellowed may be the cause of a great deal of anxiety for a number of us - and is actually rated higher than losing hair on the list of fears for men today - thankfully, here at Dental Surgery Burnham, we have got you covered. We provide our patients with the Enlighten whitening system, which is an effective and safe form of home-whitening allowing patients to carry out treatment from home over a two week period and witness first-hand as their teeth get visibly brighter, shade by shade. The process of undertaking the Enlighten process through us here at Burnham initially consists of a mould being created of each patient's teeth - from within our practice, from which a customised retainer is formed. Thereafter, the patient is provided with a peroxide-based, specialist whitening gel they apply directly inside the retainer, which is then worn over their teeth. This gel gradually eradicates any stains or discolouration and restores the patient's teeth to a natural, bright and white shade - which can have a great positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

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