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How can I achieve straighter teeth in six months?

Individuals who visit us at our clinic in Burnham may wish to realign the position of their teeth within the mouth. Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that aims to give patients straighter teeth in six months, as well as rectify jaw alignment and manage overbites or underbites. Within modern dentistry there are a wide variety of brace options, including more discreet braces. Many of our patients may not be aware of the wide array of orthodontic options now available, and may simply think of traditional metal braces, which are sometimes viewed as having an unsightly appearance.

Despite common misconception, braces don’t have to take years and years to straighten the teeth, and can take as little as six months. Although the severity of each individual case does vary, at our clinic we offer clear aligners which can straighten your teeth in as little as six months!

How do clear aligners work to result in straighter teeth in six months?

Essentially, all forms of orthodontics aim for the same result, straight and aligned teeth. Despite all forms ending in the same result, they do the job in slightly different ways. Traditional metal braces, for example, use metal brackets and wires to slowly encourage the teeth to move in a straighter direction. More subtle forms of dentistry, such as clear aligners, work by replacing transparent trays every few weeks, in order to reach the end goal of straighter teeth.

What is Invisalign, and how can they produce straighter teeth in six months?

Many individuals may believe that Invisalign is the orthodontic name for clear aligners, however they are actually just one brand provider for this form of dentistry. Invisalign could be argued as the largest provider of these aligners, and source dental clinics on a global scale. At our dental clinic in Burnham we offer our patients Invisalign, using a simple and fast treatment process!

How they work

In terms of the orthodontic treatment process, we consult with our patients during their first appointment. During this initial consultation, we work with them to decide the best possible orthodontic option for their situation. After we have decided whether to go ahead with Invisalign, initial impressions will be made. Dental impressions in the past could be uncomfortable for patients, due to the mouth putty commonly used, however we use an alternative procedure. Our ‘iTero’ scanners take photos of your mouth without the unpleasant moulding process, it’s quicker too! After impressions are made Invisalign will create your customised transparent trays and then they can be worn immediately. Patients often ask us how often their trays will be replaced, we inform them it is every few weeks, which produces effective and rapid results.

Why Invisalign?

Clear aligners have become increasingly popular within recent years, and for obvious reasons. Clear aligners are aesthetically pleasing due to their virtually invisible trays and are extremely convenient. Discomfort can be caused by the rubbing of metal wires on the gums, however clear aligners do not cause this problem. In terms of flexibility, clear aligners can be removed whenever it is desirable and patients may decide to remove them for special occasions, as well as to clean their teeth, and eat.

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