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Why choose us to receive straighter teeth in six months?

Choosing a dental clinic can be hard, and patients may base their decision on a wide array of factors such as cost, proximity, and the dental treatment required. Dental patients may decide to choose us to get straighter teeth in six months due to our prime location in Buckinghamshire, as well as our positive reputation. At our clinic in Burnham we offer a variety of dental treatments for our patients including cosmetic, preventive, and general dentistry. A few examples of our treatments include teeth whitening, an increasingly popular form of cosmetic dentistry, as well as root canal therapy, and dental implants.

Why might I decide to receive straighter teeth in six months?

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that aims to straighten and realign the teeth within the mouth. Modern dentistry allows greater choice, and many forms of orthodontics, besides the more traditional metal braces. Many individuals may not be aware of the way in which varying forms of braces work, which is why we aim to fully inform our patients about their choices when they come to see us. All forms of orthodontics aim for the same result, but reposition the teeth in different ways. Traditional metal braces, for example, work by using a thin metal wire attached to brackets, which are glued to the surface of the teeth. Clear aligners, a form of orthodontics we offer at our dental clinic, work in an alternative way, which some may argue as more effective.

How does Invisalign work, and how can I achieve straighter teeth in six months?

Invisalign could be argued to be the largest brand provider of clear aligners, and are an extremely popular choice for our patients in Burnham. Invisalign are aesthetically pleasing, due to their virtually invisible appearance. Invisalign are clear aligners which are updated every few weeks in order to achieve a faster straight smile.

The process

At our clinic we will take an impression of your teeth, and slowly adjust the position of your teeth using transparent trays with varying tooth positions, until the ideal position of the teeth is reached. Many of our patients may be reluctant to undergo impressions, however our new ITero scanner means that our patients no longer have to endure messy and uncomfortable putty to create their clear aligners.

Why Invisalign?

Individuals who are researching various brace options may lean more towards Invisalign for a variety of reasons. Clear aligners can help boost our patients’ self-esteem, as they may not wish to have obvious dental work. Some of our patients within a professional work environment may also feel as if obvious orthodontics could hinder their career prospects. Invisalign are comfortable within the mouth and do not cause severe speech impairment, or nasty grazes on the gums. Aside from being invisible, clear aligners are extremely effective and can produce desired results in as little as six months, sometimes results can start to be seen in a matter of weeks!


Although there are few reasons to remove Invisalign, these trays can be removed for eating, cleaning, and special occasions, making them ideal for busy individuals, and an obvious orthodontic choice!

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