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How we can give you that new year new smile in Burnham

As a new year starts we all plan to make a change, a fresh start to our lives in the form of changes to our diet, spending habits and even appearance. For many, starting off the new year with a new look is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting; and what better way to mix things up than with an appointment for a new year new smile in Burnham.

Here are a few things our team can offer to help you start a new year with a sparkling smile.


If you’re looking for a new year new smile in Burnham one particular service we may recommend for you is Invisalign. This particular treatment involves the use of a custom-moulded, clear plastic brace that can be used to straighten any crooked teeth you may have, discreetly. The braces apply a gentle amount of pressure on specific areas of your teeth, with the goal of slowly realigning them into a straighter and neater position. Hardly noticeable, they are extremely popular.


One particularly common treatment we provide for patients looking for that new smile are veneers. Ideal for covering cracks and chips in your teeth, these porcelain shells are carefully designed by our team to provide a more even and aesthetically pleasing look to your teeth overall. The covers are also shaded before fitting to ensure that they blend in with the surrounding teeth to provide a natural looking repair.


Similar in nature to veneers, these porcelain caps are used by us to cover up any cracks, chips or cavities you may have in your teeth, to provide a pristine looking appearance. The crowns are also shaped and shaded to match their neighbours and the fitting process is relatively quick, so if you’re looking for a new smile on a short schedule this could be a good place to start.

At Dental Surgery Burnham our talented team will take you through the fitting process for your new crown, as well as provide guidance on how to properly care for your new addition.

Inlays and overlays

Cavities are always a nightmare, but our team can provide a solution in the form of inlays and overlays as these two treatments are used to cover and fill cavities in your teeth to restore and strengthen them.


As we get older our teeth can start to lose their once pearl like shine, as things in our diet start to stain and discolour them. The most common cause of this stems from things like coffee, wine and smoking.

There is a solution to this however in the form of customised bleaching kits that we use in our practice through several sessions to gradually lighten your teeth. If you have a busy schedule, we can also provide kits for you to use at home at your own discretion.

These are just a couple of treatments we offer to give you that new smile for the new year. If you want to give your smile a makeover then get in touch with our team.

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