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Achieve a dazzling smile with tooth whitening!

Brushing and flossing might help combat germs and keeps your mouth healthy, but for some people it does little to help you achieve sparkling, white teeth and a desirable smile.

Despite your best efforts to keep your teeth in mint condition, they naturally age and dull over time. Lighten your pearly whites by up to 16 shades with tooth whitening in Burnham, for a transformation you will not regret!

Our practice, Dental Surgery Burnham, provides tooth whitening in Burnham using the Enlighten System method.

How does the Enlighten System work?

There are various methods of professional bleaching on the market, but we use Enlighten because it is considered one of the most effective and best-performing tooth whitening solutions in Burnham and worldwide.

Book an appointment with us, and we will conduct a full assessment to see whether you are a viable candidate for tooth whitening. After that, we will provide you with custom-fabricated trays that contain a whitening gel, which needs to be worn every night for 14 days. On the 15th day, return to our clinic for a 40-minute session, whereby we will apply a concentrated gel to your teeth for a final, polished finish.

How white will my teeth be?

Using the whitening method that we apply, we can lighten your teeth up to16 shades lighter at your discretion.

Are results guaranteed?

Granted that your teeth, mouth and gums are healthy, results may vary but are guaranteed and are highly unlikely to result in complications or intolerable side effects.

The results will not look fake or unnatural unless you have white crowns or fillings - the bleach does not react well with artificial teeth.

It is best to seek out dental treatment before undergoing this cosmetic procedure if you have tender gums or gingivitis. The bleach used will aggravate sensitive gums and recovery might then be painful, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Is whitening long-lasting?

The answer depends on whether you look after your teeth. Improper brushing and a sugar-laden diet are not conducive for maintaining the effect, and neither is excessive smoking, drinking or eating foods and beverages that are known to stain.

That said, the shade will fade in time, so we advise that you come to us for regular touch-ups.

Are whitening procedures safe?

Knowing that bleach will be applied to their teeth, is a concern that many people have - but there is no need to worry. Tooth whitening has been perfected over time, and only trace amounts of bleach are used in the procedure.

However, problems will arise if sensitive gums react badly to the whitening gel used, so it is recommended that you seek out treatment for your gums before considering whitening your teeth.

Side effects may vary, but you might experience some sensitivity which can be treated with desensitising swabs or a special kind of tooth serum toothpaste.

How much does it cost?

The procedure can be costly and unfortunately, because the NHS does not cover it, you will have to pay out of pocket. That said, we do offer different payment schemes and occasionally provide special promotions.

Are you self-conscious about your stained and yellow teeth? Attain the perfect smile with us in a quick, effortless and cost-effective procedure!

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