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Dental Hygiene

It is extremely important to maintain a good dental hygiene, so much so that it can make all the difference between a healthy set of teeth and an unhealthy set of teeth. A dentist can only see you at certain times of the month, yet you are in constant contact with your teeth and can control what you are eating and how clean you keep them. It is extremely important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss once a day, to ensure that no bacteria is left stuck in your teeth. If food is left in your teeth, then acids are produced which will lead to the decay of your teeth.


Check-ups are extremely important, as they can determine whether you have any hidden or impending problems. At Dental Surgery Burnham we offer a fantastic range of check-ups, including a mouth cancer screening process. If you are looking for mouth cancer screening in Burnham, then this is also something that we offer. It is important that issues are identified early, so that we can provide appropriate treatment promptly. It is our aim for you to be as well cared for as possible, in a professional environment, so it is crucial that you book yourself in for a check-up with us regularly, and maintain a good dental hygiene regime.

Symptoms of mouth cancer

There are many symptoms that can suggest mouth cancer, and if you feel that you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms, then contact us as soon as possible, as catching cancer early on can be the key to stopping progression of the disease.

If you have a mouth sore that is not healing, or that is white or reddish, then this can be a symptom of mouth cancer. Anything such as a lump or bump can be a sign of cancer and should be checked out straight away. If you are looking for a mouth cancer screening in Burnham, then it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. Any other pains, or anything unusual happening in your mouth could also be a sign, so it is important to have a dentist to hand that is qualified to detect mouth cancer.

How to treat mouth cancer

Depending on how early the mouth cancer has been detected, there are different treatments available. This may involve surgery, not just in the mouth but in the neck too, which can be complicated. This is another reason why it is important to catch the cancer early, as you will then be able to have an operation only in the mouth to remove the cancerous cells, rather than in the neck or lymph nodes, which can be far more risky and costly to your health.

Radiation and chemotherapy are also options in this situation; however, it all depends on the state of the cancer, and how developed it is. Therefore, it is best to get a mouth cancer screening in Burnham at Dental Surgery Burnham, to make sure that you are clear, or stop any cancer from spreading further.

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