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General dentistry is perhaps the most important part of dentistry, as it is at the forefront of your oral health. Dental Surgery Burnham takes great pride in all forms of dentistry and wants to ensure that you have the best possible treatment. We also believe in building a strong rapport between dentist and patient, which means being transparent and as friendly as possible at all times. If you are looking to improve your oral health in Burnham, then we are available for a consultation.


Cavities are the main concern with general dentistry, as they are the main cause of dental problems. With a high sugar diet, the amount of food stuck to the teeth can increase, and bacteria can thrive on the sugars. As a result, acids are produced, which if left on the enamel will begin to dissolve the tooth. If not treated, the cavity will get larger and larger, and as the cavity forms more of a crevice, the bacteria will be harder to reach. If you have a cavity, and are worried about your oral health in Burnham the Dental Surgery Burnham will be able to assist you.

Dangers of cavities

While cavities can be harmless and pain-free at first, as the decay reaches the dentine, it can become more painful. This is because the nerves are beginning to be exposed, and the tooth is weakening. It is important to see your dentist at this point, as this is a critical moment for the tooth. If the pulp chamber has not been breached, then a filling will suffice in order to stop the decay. This can be a regular filling, or if you are concerned about cosmetic issues, then white fillings can also be put in. White fillings are a fantastic option, as they are made from a tooth coloured material, so they will be almost invisible against the enamel.

If a cavity continues into the pulp chamber, then the decay can become a lot more serious than a simple toothache.

What is dental pulp?

Dental pulp is the nervous, connective tissue that is inside the tooth, and is what supplies the tooth with all its nutrients. It is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves that sits in the core of the tooth, behind the dentine and enamel. Therefore, if a cavity breaches the pulp chamber, the soft pulp is exposed to bacteria, and can quickly become infected. This can pose a risk to the entire tooth, and if left untreated can mean the tooth needs to be removed,

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is necessary if the pulp has become infected. Root canal works by accessing the pulp chamber and removing the pulp and inside of the tooth with a series of special drills and equipment. Then the tooth is filled in, to protect the tooth from any further infection. If you are looking for root canal treatment, or are simply concerned about your oral health in Burnham, then do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

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