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Tooth decay treatments: getting white fillings in Burnham

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a condition that affects a large amount of people worldwide, and it is more prevalent in the developed world than the developing world. Bacteria living in symbiosis with humans are crucial for many biologic processes. The natural microflora of the oral cavity contains bacteria. These microorganisms feed on food and remain on teeth. Their main nutrients are simple sugars, which are found in a wide range of food types (fruits, desserts, vegetables, etc.) When the bacteria digests sugars to harness the energy contained in them, acids are formed as end products. If teeth are not regularly brushed, these acids can accumulate and cause the demineralisation of the enamel and subsequent formation of cavities.

The best treatment is prevention

The saliva contains minerals that help the regeneration of the tooth structure. Tooth decay may occur if the acids dissolve the minerals of the tooth faster than the body regenerates them using the minerals from saliva. The best treatment for tooth cavities is prevention. Tooth decay affects a large number of people worldwide. However it is preventable as the main cause of it is poor oral hygiene and a diet containing too much sugar. To prevent tooth decay and cavities, brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day, and occasionally use mouthwash, which inhibits the overgrowth of bacteria feeding on sugar. Try and reduce your sugar intake as well, as remaining foods and drinks high in sugar create the perfect niche for bacteria producing acid. If you notice a small white spot on one of your teeth, consider these lifestyle changes as soon as possible, as a white spot can be a sign of a starting tooth decay.

How can you treat tooth cavities if they have already occurred?

Tooth cavities vary in severity. In serious cases, when the tooth decay has progressed through both the enamel and the dentin and reached the pulp tissue, the tooth cannot be restored. It is likely that this tooth will have to be pulled out and the surgical introduction of a dental implant will be required, such as a crown or a bridge depending on the number of teeth affected. In less severe cases, when the tooth decay has only reached the enamel and the dentin, fillings can help restore the tooth. The traditional material used for dental fillings is an amalgam, which is a mixture of heavy metals. Amalgam is a term for alloys of mercury and other metals. Amalgam fillings have been reported to leach trace amounts of mercury, which is a highly toxic heavy metal. The body excretes mercury very slowly, and this can lead to the accumulation and cumulative toxic effect of this metal. White fillings do not contain any dangerous materials and have safer materials inside them. At Dental Surgery Burnham, white fillings are available, and these have many benefits that should be considered. Our white fillings in Burnham are made out of safe materials and have a natural appearance which is often an important consideration for our patients. So if you are looking to get white fillings in Burnham, give us a call today so that we can talk you through your options.

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