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Strong and good looking

Isn’t that what we all want our fillings to be? And now it is possible to get fillings that look like natural teeth before they became lost to decay, and that last really well too.

White fillings have been around for decades now. When they were first available, they were very much seen as a vanity thing. Since then researchers have worked to make them as good at being fillings as they are at looking like teeth.

White fillings come as a composite resin paste, which the dentist puts into the cavity in layers. This paste is made up of a mixture of glass and plastic and is mixed to be the same colour as the tooth it’s going into.

Strong and durable

The modern white filling is made of a material that is more able to cope with the powerful forces created by chewing, and so they last much longer.

The dentist does not need to remove so much healthy tooth material as when using amalgam for fillings, so the walls of the cavity are thicker and therefore more resilient.

Strong and bonded

White fillings are bonded to the tooth in layers. After each layer goes in, the dentist shines a UV light on it to harden it before putting in the next layer. Because there is not the slightest gap between the filling and the tooth, there is no chance of decay-causing bacteria slipping in and rotting the tooth beneath. Amalgam, on the other hand, is packed in tightly, but not bonded. Bacteria can get in as the filling ages.

Strong and shapely

The other great thing about white fillings is that they can be sculpted. Once all the layers of the filling are in place and cured, the dentist here at The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham can get to work recreating the lost chewing surface of your tooth. They will put back the ridges and valleys that are so important to grinding up food.

Laugh your head off

By the time your filling is done, no one will know it’s not your real tooth. So, go for it, laugh out loud, no one can tell you’ve had decay when you have white fillings.

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