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Brighter smiles with tooth whitening

Now that we are emerging from the darkest days of winter, it’s time to look around and see what could do with a clean-up in preparation for spring and summer. It’s amazing how natural daylight can show up dirt and discolouration that is not so noticeable under electric light.

If you’ve been drinking a lot of hot drinks and hearty red wines over the winter, your teeth might be looking a bit worse for wear now you are back to smiling in natural daylight again.

Teeth collect traces of pigment from tea and coffee, wine and even berries, so after a winter of eating well, its might not just be your waistline that is suffering.

However, here at The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham, we have a great system for cleaning off those stains and bringing out the natural white beauty of your smile. It’s called Enlighten. We chose this system of tooth whitening after carefully researching the various options on the market.

Here’s how Enlighten tooth whitening works:

Step 1

You come in for an assessment so that we can be sure that your dental discolouration can be removed with tooth whitening. If not, we may suggest veneers instead.

If it can, we then take impressions and use them to make gel trays for your teeth.

Step 2

You take the gel trays and a supply of Enlighten whitening gel home with you. Every day for 2 weeks, you put some gel in the trays and wear them over your teeth for a short period.

Step 3

You come back in for a deep clean of your teeth, followed by a 40 minute power whitening session with a stronger gel.

By now, your teeth will be as white as you can wish for, as Enlighten is the only whitening system that offers a B1 shade of white, the whitest shade there is.


You can buy more gel from us to top up your whitening treatment every few weeks. Your teeth will probably never be so stained again, but they will continue to pick up food pigments, so top-ups are a good idea.

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