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Get teeth like Dr Ranj’s

If Strictly was only about teeth, we think there is no doubt that Dr Ranj Singh would have won the annual TV competition straight out. Perfect white straight teeth meant it was hard to focus on his footwork because his smile was so winning. If we had our way, Dr Ranj would still be in Strictly, strutting his stuff round the floor at Blackpool, just so we could gaze as his lovely straight teeth.

Imagine having such power to hypnotise just with a smile. Of course, you don’t have to imagine it, you can have it, if you are willing to go through some months of effort with orthodontics in Burnham.

Getting such fab teeth is not so hard, especially if you get them done with Invisalign, which is different from traditional bracket and wire braces.

Invis-align, geddit?

Invisalign is so-called because once they are in place over your teeth, these very thin, clear plastic, mouth guard-style aligners pretty much disappear from view. They are so thin, they hug your teeth like a second layer of enamel, and they come all the way up to the gumline so the edge is hidden there.

There is nothing glued to the front of your teeth to embarrass you, and this takes much of the sting out of orthodontics for many adult patients.

Take me out!

Invisalign instructs you to take out the aligners every time you want to consume any food, or drinks other than plain water. This is because if you kept them in, they would very soon become discoloured and would become visible over your teeth.

You can spend up to 4 hours a day without your aligners in, but any more than that and you stop the process that moves the teeth. It will take another 72 hours of sustained pressure to get them moving again. You can see how, if you did this several times, it would greatly add to the length of your treatment.

Treatment, by the way, takes about a year, depending on what misalignments need to be corrected. After that, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in place while the bone around them hardens up.

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