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Life skills for teeth owners

Have your children got teeth? Of course, they have. Would you like them to keep their own teeth for as long as possible? Of course, you would.

In that case, they are going to have to learn some serious skills in tooth brushing and flossing. Just like juggling or riding a bicycle, learning to brush your teeth takes practice, and practice takes time. The mastery of tooth brushing does not happen overnight. Neither does learning the discipline to do it over and over again, morning and night for your entire life.

How to make oral health education fun has been the goal of dentists for a long time, and here at The Dental Surgery Burnham, in Burnham, we like to think our oral health education can tip the balance in favour of teeth for life.

When you bring your child to see our dentists and hygienists, we can not only take care of their teeth, but teach them how to brush and floss in a fun way that will make the right techniques easier to remember and entertaining to practise.

Health is also about diet

The problem for kids’ teeth is that they are susceptible to decay, just as adult teeth are. This is compounded by the fact that children are more likely to be consuming more sugar, in the form of sweets and drinks, during the years when they have not yet become tooth-cleaning ninjas. This is why so many children in the 21st century have dental decay. Many are even having to have teeth removed, and some have so much decay in their baby teeth that it has gone through them and started to decay the adult teeth waiting behind to come through.

We can help you find better snacks and drinks for your children that will not affect their teeth so badly. We can also help you choose the right toothbrushes, flosses and toothpastes to aid you in the fight against tooth decay so that your children will reach adulthood with a great set of teeth, a habit of brushing and flossing twice daily, and a sense that going to the dentist is a positive experience.

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