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More than just oral health

When you think about what you can use your dentist in Burnham for, do your ideas revolve around check-ups, fillings, extractions and dentures? If so, you have no idea what you are missing. Modern dentistry may still have a firm foundation of oral hygiene and preventing gum disease and decay, but it has expanded to include making sure you look as good as possible too.

It’s all well and good having healthy teeth, but if you are still ashamed to smile, you are missing out on one of your most important tools of communication. Smiling is used the world over to let people see that you are warm and friendly and a great smile can induce such a feeling of reciprocal warmth in people that they just want to be your friend and help you. Lovely smiles deserve to be in lovely faces too, and that’s why at The Dental Surgery Burnham we offer cosmetic and face consultations.

Spend some time on you

When you come to us for a cosmetic and face consultation, we can spend some quality time together that is dedicated to exploring how we can enhance your smile and the face that it sits in. We want to hear how you would like to look, what you’d like to change if you could and after a good discussion we can put together a treatment package to help you get your desired appearance.

Cosmetic treatments

We can change the colour of your teeth with whitening. We can get rid of ugly amalgam fillings and replace them with the stronger white composite resin fillings, so you lose the dark glint when you laugh. We can also cover over imperfections such as chips, worn edges, cracks, and even mild misalignments and gaps with veneers. They can also be used to make your teeth appear larger. If your have wonky teeth, then we can straighten them out with clear aligners.

Your face

We can even smooth out those lines on your face with Botox. This works brilliantly on lines created by habitual contractions of certain muscles, such as those between and over your brows as well as crow’s feet and smoker’s lines.

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