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Why do people want straighter teeth in six months?

It’s amazing that you can now get a realignment treatment that gives you straighter teeth in six months in Burnham. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we love meeting and exceeding our patient’s expectations so when we get a chance to offer a treatment like this, it makes us smile as well.

One of the first things that we do when you visit The Dental Surgery Burnham is assess your needs. If you are coming to see us for teeth straightening, your priority is obviously a well-aligned smile. However, a dental treatment does not exist in a vacuum and life goes on while you are working through your procedure. This means it is reasonable to be concerned about how your treatment will interact with other areas of your life.

To get ready for a special event

One of the great benefits of speedy dental treatment is that you can choose to have it in preparation for a big event. We rarely plan events that take place more than a year in the future so, in the past, if you wanted to have straight teeth for an event, it was usually impossible. Now that we can achieve results in a smaller window of time, you can look perfect for that big day.

To allay concerns about the impact of their treatment

One of the major concerns that people have when facing dental treatment is how long it will take and what impact that will have on their life in the meantime. These concerns can fall into several categories. You may be worried about how your treatment will look and, therefore, what impact it will have on the impression you give off. Another problem might be having to fit six-weekly dental treatments into an already busy life. These are understandable concerns but, when you can get straighter teeth in six months, the level of inconvenience you do experience is greatly reduced by the shorter treatment length.

For healthier teeth

Straighter teeth are easier to brush and take care of. If you are experiencing ongoing issues with your teeth because you just aren’t able to easily address your dental hygiene, straightening in six months can make your life simpler in a short time frame.

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