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Making your smile sparkle again with crowns and veneers

No matter how much you look after your teeth, you can still end up needing repairs or adjustments. This might be the result of simple wear and tear, an accident or because you want to change the way your teeth have come through naturally. Very few people have a perfectly straight and well-aligned smile so it’s understandable if you want to change a thing or two. At Dental Surgery Burnham, we can help you with our wide range of restorative and cosmetic services. We offer crowns and veneers in Burnham alongside a whole menu of other treatments.

Why choose crowns and veneers?

Crown and veneers are both types of cover for the teeth. Typically, veneers are very thin and attached to the fronts of the teeth. Crowns can be much thicker and may be used for a diverse range of repairs. A member of the team at Dental Surgery Burnham can help you decide which of these methods might be most appropriate for your needs after a consultation and examination.

During your examination, your practitioner will assess some or all of the following:

  • Location of the repair – veneers are typically only placed on the fronts of the teeth. For any lingual damage or erosion on the top of the tooth, a crown may be more appropriate;

  • Number of repairs – if possible, placing a number of veneers is generally less invasive than multiple crowns. That being said, the degree of accuracy required for placing veneers in an aesthetically pleasing way is quite high;

  • Tooth health – veneers can be used to cover minor chips and cracks in the tooth. if more extensive repair is required, a crown is probably going to be more appropriate;

  • Levels of enamel – when the teeth are prepared for veneers, the dentist will etch the surface enamel to create a surface that is conducive to adhesion. If someone has a low-level of enamel, this may not be possible and they are more likely to use a crown;

  • Other requirements – sometimes patients need to have a crown placed to strengthen the tooth so that it can be used to support dental equipment like, for example, a partial denture. Veneers do not have the same reinforcing affect.

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