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Behind every brilliant, healthy smile is a brilliant dental hygienist, and that’s what we have here at The Dental Surgery Burnham.

Dental hygiene is the foundation of dental health, and even though you can do a great job of keeping your teeth regularly brushed and flossed, you will never be able to remove every last scrap of plaque and tartar.

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The problem with plaque

Plaque is that sticky film that builds up on your teeth during the course of the day. It is made up of the natural bacteria that live in your mouth. These bacteria love to feast on sugar and after a particularly sugary meal or drink, you can almost feel them proliferating, as your teeth start to feel furry.

Although the bacteria in plaque are harmless, the acids they give off are not. They eat through your tooth enamel, creating holes through which bacteria can enter and attack your dentin and soft pulp. Decay and, perhaps, infection can result, and that’s when you need fillings, or, as the decay worsens, root canal therapy or even extraction.

Not only that, but the acids also attack the gums, inflaming and irritating them until they start to swell and bleed and pull away from your teeth, creating a pocket under them. The acids can then get at the bone and eat away at that until your teeth become loose and eventually fall out. This is gum disease and once it’s reached its later stages, it becomes very, very hard to get rid of.

But you can prevent all of these terrible tooth scenarios by having a great oral health routine that includes regular appointments with our hygienist, Danielle Cains. Danielle’s job is to professionally clean and polish your teeth, removing any plaque and calculus. She can also give you great tips on how to brush your teeth more effectively and which tools work best.

We recommend that you see Danielle for a clean and polish in Burnham at least twice a year. It may be more often if you have something going on that we need to keep an eye on, such as if you have diabetes or are pregnant.

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