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Tooth whitening: A guide to professionally brightening your smile

Did you know that tooth whitening treatment is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world? At The Dental Surgery in Burnham we offer professional tooth whitening with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

If you are currently browsing for tooth whitening options, you need to know that consulting a dentist is a must. Whilst there are numerous products available from the internet and from high street shops that claim to whiten teeth, their reliability cannot be guaranteed, and neither can their trustworthiness.

The majority of these so called whitening products just won’t work, but some can actually be harmful to your teeth and gums, leaving you in need of extensive restorative dental treatment.

From a legal perspective, only dentists (or hygienists and suitably trained dental professionals on a dentist’s prescription) can carry out tooth whitening treatment. If anyone else offers you teeth whitening, not only should you avoid it, you should report it, too.

The Dental Surgery in Burnham has been providing high-quality dentistry to patients from Burnham and beyond for almost 30 years, and has built up an excellent reputation for quality treatment. We know our tooth whitening, too, and use only the Enlighten whitening system, which is one of the most trusted and reliable tooth whitening systems in the world.

Here’s how treatment works. . .

After first coming into our Burnham clinic for a consultation with our cosmetic dentist, to check whitening treatment is the most suitable option for your tooth staining and also to make sure you don’t have any underlying health complaints that need treating, you will be fitted for bespoke mouth trays.

You place a small amount of whitening gel in the trays and wear them overnight for a fortnight. At the end of this two week period you will come back to our Burnham clinic for a professional tooth cleaning, followed by a final 40-minute application of a more concentrated version of the whitening gel with your cosmetic dentist.

Results of Enlighten tooth whitening treatment look beautiful and natural, and will last for a long time with good oral hygiene practices.

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