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A lovely smooth look with Botox in Burnham

Did you know that the natural extension of cosmetic dentistry is facial rejuvenation? Lots of people do. They have found that, having had their smiles enhanced, their faces could do with some smoothing out to set off their beautiful, new smile. Maybe you are in the same boat. Like others, you may also be unwilling to have facial surgery, and are thinking, instead, about temporary rejuvenation treatments.

It is possible to have either regular treatments, or just have a treatment for a special occasion, such as a wedding. If you want to benefit from a more youthful appearance by having Botox in Burnham, then come along to The Dental Surgery Burnham.

What is Botox?

Botox in Burnham is available from us as one way to create a more youthful face. Botox is the brand name for a product containing botulinum type A toxin. It was originally developed to deal with problems with excessive sweating, and it is still used for this, but Botox is also really good for reducing wrinkles.

Botox in Burnham works by smoothing out facial lines. The liquid is injected into areas with wrinkles, such as the crow’s feet around the eyes, the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, and surprise lines across the forehead. Botox works by blocking the impulses that run along the nerves to the muscles, telling them to contract. Botox slowly takes effect over the next few days after treatment, paralysing the tiny muscles holding the wrinkles in place. The wrinkles therefore smooth out and disappear.

Why get Botox with a dentist?

More and more people are turning to their dental practitioner for this facial aesthetic treatment.

Dentists have studied for many years to gain the knowledge and experience to be able to confidently work with the anatomy of the muscles, nerves and tendons in the face and neck. This deep understanding of how all these parts of the body work together and influence each other means that dental practitioners can deliver Botox in Burnham with precision and accuracy.

Treatments only take between 5–10 minutes per area being treated. That subtly smooth new look will last you for about four months. We therefore recommend that treatments are topped up every three to six months.

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