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Use a dentist for the natural look

So, you are thinking about facial rejuvenation and wondering where to go for Botox in Burnham? Have you considered using a dentist for this and other facial rejuvenation treatments?

At first it may seem a bit odd to go to your dentist for Botox in Burnham, but read on and find out why more and more people are doing so.

Experts in faces

Faces are very complicated parts of the body, full of many different tiny muscles, nerves, and tendons, not to mention important organs. Dentists are experts in faces. They study them in depth at dental school for seven years as part of their training. Before they can treat the public, they have to demonstrate a deep understanding and familiarity with the anatomy of the head, face, mouth, throat and neck.

Your dentist already knows all about every nerve, tendon, muscle, fascia and skin tissue that you want Botox in Burnham for. This means that when we train in facial rejuvenation techniques, we already have a big advantage.

You wouldn’t go to someone who isn’t medically trained for a surgical facelift, so why go to someone medically untrained for a temporary, albeit long-lasting, facial rejuvenation technique, such as Botox in Burnham?

At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we have a proven track record of providing dental treatment, both general and cosmetic, of the highest quality, and our patients can attest to the pride we have in doing our very best for them. After all, Burnham’s not that big a place, if we mess up, word will soon get around. We want good gossip talked about us!

Your Botox treatment with us will focus on the problem areas that you think need some help. Areas most commonly treated are the crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and nasolabial lines. Injecting them with Botox temporarily blocks the nerve impulses to the muscles, which over the next few days relax and smooth out. Your treatment will make you look younger and more refreshed, but will avoid that unnatural frozen look that comes from heavy-handed delivery.

Botox in Burnham treatments last for about four months, so you may want to book a top-up session after three months.

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