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New Year, New Smile, New You

January is traditionally the time of year that we suddenly realise, after all that festive season feasting and slobbing about, that we are horribly out of shape and need to do something about it, and fast. We go on an expensive diet, lose loads of weight and then put it all back on again because it’s still cold and we need potatoes. We join the gym and go twice, wasting loads of money, that we could have spent in better ways.

How about something different? How about a New Year new smile in Burnham, with a smile makeover with us at The Dental Surgery Burnham?

What is a smile makeover?

If you have never heard of a smile makeover before, it’s a way of wrapping up a combination of two or more cosmetic dentistry treatments, but it’s more than that because what we do is work out what needs to be done to give you the natural, beautiful smile you have been longing for.

A good smile is a combination of strong healthy teeth that line up well, fit closely together and are a harmonic ratio with each other and with the healthy gums above. Of course, healthy teeth and gums form the foundation of any good smile, so these must be in place before we can consider doing more.

But when they are, we can map out a schedule of treatments to give you a new smile. It is important that treatments take place in the right order.

Wonky teeth

Getting straight teeth might mean having cosmetic braces for some months before we can proceed to more treatment. However, if you only have one or two slightly wonky teeth, we can cover them over with veneers or cosmetic bonding.

Stained teeth

If your teeth have surface stains caused by tea, coffee, berries, red wine, tobacco or some medications, or they have just got dull with age, then teeth whitening treatment can brighten them up again. If you are having veneers, this needs to be done first.

Why not come in for a consultation and find out how a new smile can be yours in the New Year?

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