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A stable solution to missing teeth

Losing your teeth can have a serious impact on your appearance and quality of life. You may find that you have to restrict yourself to soft foods and that the smile you see in the mirror is not the one you remember. Gaps look unsightly, but missing teeth also lead to sagging as the cheeks and lips are not supported from the inside of your mouth.

If this sounds like you, then the Dental Surgery Burnham can help. We have many years of experience in fitting dental implants in Burnham so can carry out the procedure more effectively than ever before. Implants replace the natural tooth roots so offer a secure, permanent option for restoring missing teeth.

What is involved in treatment?

The first stage is a consultation to find out what you want to achieve and assess the state of your existing teeth and gums. This may include x-rays or scans and you will be provided with a written report and estimate of costs. Your mouth and jaw need to be healthy so, if necessary, preparatory work is carried out and then the implants are fitted during a minor operation. This involves placing a small metal screw into the jaw under local anaesthetic. The bone and blood vessels mesh around the metal, holding it securely in place. Your dental implants can then be used as a stable base for fixed dentures, crowns or bridges.

Can I have dental implants?

In some cases, the jawbone is not strong enough to support implants, particularly if you have been wearing dentures or coping with missing teeth for some time. This is because the tissues may have started to shrink back due to lack of stimulation from tooth roots. Patients considering dental implants often ask whether the treatment is suitable for them. We are delighted to offer bone grafts and sinus lifts to ensure adequate bone density so having dental implants really is an option available to everyone. We are proud to be able to offer our patients implants whatever their situation. Join the hundreds of people who have said hello to the benefits of dental implants and goodbye to the problems of missing teeth.

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