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Straightening up

Many people would like to improve the alignment of their teeth. Wonky grins can cause social awkwardness and a reluctance to smile in photos. It may be possible to get used to the various habits of hiding the smile, but the difficulties caused within the mouth will still remain. Keeping the teeth clean is more difficult when there are awkward spaces for food particles and bacteria to hide in. Misaligned bites can put strain on the jaw. Straightening your teeth means looking after your oral health.

Ways to improve dental function

In Burnham, orthodontics is a way of using contemporary techniques to move the teeth into healthier positions. Braces and aligners apply gentle pressure over time, shifting the teeth into more efficient and aesthetically pleasant alignments. Some people associate this kind of treatment with children and adolescents, but in modern dentistry it is increasingly popular with adults. Advances in dental technology have produced realignment appliances that are discreet and comfortable. Anxieties about appearance can be dispelled by transparent aligners that are nearly invisible, or tooth-coloured braces that don’t catch the eye at social occasions.

If you have a job that brings you face-to-face with the public, you needn’t be deterred from wearing braces by concerns about how you’ll look. While treatment is ongoing, your dental appliance will remain discreet. Afterwards, the improvement in your smile will be plain to see. Plus, you’ll enjoy the oral health benefits that straighter teeth provide.

Varieties of need

People choose orthodontics for many different reasons. Protruding front teeth, misaligned bites, and crowded or crooked teeth are some of the more common ones. The complexity of your situation will determine the length of your treatment. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, an in-depth consultation provides you with the opportunity to discuss how you’d like your teeth to look, and discover the most appropriate method of achieving this. In some cases, we can show you a mock-up of what your new smile will look like, before treatment begins.

Although modern methods can be relatively speedy, any realignment treatment will take time to achieve its desired effects. Once the braces come off, though, you’ll be enjoying the improvements for many years to come.

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