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Preventing and detecting serious problems

Oral healthcare professionals are trained to detect the early signs of serious problems in the mouth. One of the most serious is mouth cancer. In Burnham, mouth cancer screening at The Dental Surgery Burnham is a short but important procedure. We examine your mouth in its entirety, including the surrounding soft tissues, to check for any developments that may be a cause for concern. We use a handheld scanning device that provides detailed and accurate information, enabling us to treat you or refer you to the appropriate medical professionals as quickly as possible.

Regular reassurance

We recommend that you come to us for mouth cancer screening once a year. This routine will ensure you give your mouth the thorough attention it deserves. Smoking greatly increases the chances of developing this condition, and we can provide you with support and information on how to quit this harmful habit. Deterrents have taken a step up recently, with the introduction of plain packaging on tobacco products, and graphic photographs of the potential consequences. You may have already seen what this type of cancer can do if it remains undetected in its early stages.

Oral wellbeing

Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is an important part of your overall wellbeing. Regular visits to the dentist will help you to keep your teeth and gums in top condition. If you have any persistent ulcers or lumps in your mouth, even if they seem small, it’s very important that you come in to have them looked at by one of our oral healthcare professionals.

When you can’t use your mouth properly because of poor oral health, life can seem difficult. You might have had a sample of this difficulty with toothache, for example, and remember how good it felt once your mouth regained its normal condition. Screening for mouth cancer is an important step towards a future of good oral health. When you come to see us every year, we can make recommendations based on up-to-date information, that will improve your oral hygiene. If any problems develop, we’ll be the first to know, and we can get them treated speedily, before their consequences become life-changing.

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