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Why pearly whites?

Have you ever wondered why we call our teeth pearly whites? Maybe you haven’t, but these are things that we sit around pondering at the Dental Surgery Burnham, where we think about teeth all the time so you don’t have to.

We have come to the conclusion that it’s because teeth and pearls have similar light reflecting qualities that are created because both are made in layers. An oyster covers that piece of sand one layer at a time, and that is also how our teeth are made. They are a layer of enamel, over a layer of dentine, over a central core of pulp. Just like pearls, the whiteness of our pearly whites varies from person to person. Some are pearly creams, some are almost pearly yellows. Some are even pearly greys, but we hope not to find any pearly blacks.

Fading shades

We lose the pearliness of our whites as we age. This can be because the teeth get stained by various dark foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, red wine, and blueberries. However, it can also be because years of brushing, biting, and chewing wear thin the enamel and the yellower dentin below starts to show through.

Getting back that shine

Whether your pearly whites have lost their sheen through age or others means, or you were simply born with less than white teeth, teeth whitening in Burnham at the Dental Surgery Burnham can give you back the whiteness again. In fact, you can even choose your shade. What you are after is a shade of white that gives a message that you have strong, healthy teeth, and not that you ha

ve just had your teeth whitened. So, unless there is a good reason, we suggest you steer clear of the whitest of whites. You never see a brilliant white pearl, so don’t make this mistake with your teeth.

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