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A skill we all need to have

The person most responsible for keeping your teeth and mouth in a healthy condition is you. At the Dental Surgery Burnham, we know that we cannot control what you do in that 6 months between check-ups. We want you to hang to your natural teeth for as long as possible. But you can only do so if you know the best way to look after your teeth and mouth.

We appreciate that advice changes as more research is done, and that what we were taught, or not, by our parents may not match today’s best research-based advice.

That’s why we offer oral health education in Burnham. Our oral health educators will teach you how to have the best possible dental care routine at home. They offer bespoke care and advice for yourself, for your children, and perhaps even for your parents.

Our educators have been trained to teach, so you can rest assured that your oral health education will be fun and informative, as well as easy to understand and age appropriate. We won’t talk to you like a 5-year-old if you’re 45. And we love questions, so please ask us anything you want and ask again if you are still not clear. The topics our educators cover include:

Tooth brushing

How to know which is the best type of brush for your teeth. How many minutes should you brush your teeth for? How can you make tooth brushing more fun for kids so that they want to do it rather than having to be nagged into it? We can also help you find the best type of toothpaste to suit your personal needs.

Flossing, interdental brushes and mouthwashes

What is the best way to floss? Should you use floss, tape or interdental brushes? Which interdental brushes are right for which part of your mouth? These and questions about mouthwashes can all be answered. We can take into account any special post-operative self-care that may be required.

Looking after mouth appliances and prosthetics

Braces, bridges, dentures, dental implants, and other restorations require special care, and we can show you what to do.

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